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I show my process of feeding nutrients to marijuana plants using Bloom Yellow Bottles organic nutrients. I also talk several tips on mixing nutrients and feeding charts. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button! 🙂 This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate. Biggest Little Grower’s channel: ★Thanks to my Sponsor!★ Growers House Plant House grow tent- ★Gardening products shown/mentioned in this video★ My ebook: 4×4 grow tent- 3×3 grow tent- California Lightworks LED grow light- Bloom Yellow Bottles- Blue Planet Nutrients- Inline fan- Duct- Carbon filter- Humidifier- 12″ oscillating fan- 8″ oscillating fan- Soil- Coco coir- Perlite- Fabric grow pots- Plastic grow pots- SensorPush temp & humidity monitor- AcuRite temp & humidity monitor- pH Up & pH Down- Syringes- pH meter- TDS meter- Camera used- Tripod- ★Gardening Education Links★ My How To Grow course!: My How To Grow ebook!: Gardening equipment I use: Gardening equipment I recommend: My website for gardening equipment: My website for gardening education: ★Social Media★ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: If you are a business and would like to sponsor me, please email: ★Music In Video★ Intro & Outro: Syn Cole – Feel Good NCS Release Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHOME GROWN CANNABIS HARVEST! – HARVESTING INDOOR MARIJUANA PLANTS9 Medical Marijuana Plants Flowering Under 15 LIGHTS!!! The Best hydroponic nutrients ever!How to Properly Feed Marijuana Plants Nutrients and Correct the PH Levels – General Hydroponicsहिबिस्कुस पे फूल पाए आर्गेनिक तरीके से THIS ORGANIC FERTILIZER WILL HELP TO BLOOM YOUR HIBISCUSMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – […]

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  • kev Harris 9 months ago

    hey buddy how do you get your stocks so thick? do you grow from seeds or clones

  • Dre Henley 9 months ago

    What is your CO2 ppm in that tent

  • Shantha Sri Harsha 9 months ago

    What is that water spray machine

  • Will Stikes 9 months ago

    when plant turns yellow it means the ph needs to be brang down ph level is perfect at 6.3 your plants will be healthy green

  • Carl Polly 9 months ago

    Optic led will burn your house down do not use a optic try a nukeheads gamma blaster

  • dan tie 9 months ago


  • Learning Cannabis 9 months ago

    Great stuff!

  • Vince Gedeon 9 months ago

    How many times do you top?

  • Vince Gedeon 9 months ago


  • Martin Andrews 9 months ago

    mr grow sorry bout u tube,,, but good stuff nots forevers or it wouldn't be outstanding.& l think (along with other's) u put together a great show,,,,, now for Q&A can l sex teens in cups, go-12+12&back to veg +how many nodes high be fore they can take the stress

  • BobbyHill 9 months ago

    Tunned in and subbed

  • Sigmundy Freud 9 months ago

    all weed grown on soil mix with perlite are perlite dust contaminated !

  • Silver Fox 9 months ago

    Hey bro , throw some maize pollin on the plant when the plant goes into blooming , about 14 days into blooming

  • Ed Alford 9 months ago

    Excellent vid, thank you for the fantastic knowledge. Addressed alot of my concerns dealing with nutes!!

  • Ovais Ihsan 9 months ago

    Mr grow it are you just grow it as wel cause its been taking down from you tube

  • Frank Hansen 9 months ago

    Thumbs up bro.!

  • Will Martins 9 months ago

    Yaaaa baaaaaaby

  • HadstfuDsod8520 test 9 months ago

    Yo bro, how many watts do you use in this vid?