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Video Rating: / 5 More than 9 billion people are expected to be alive by 2050, putting global demands on agriculture to increase food production. In the U.S., greenhouses are increasingly being used to grow vegetables and herbs. Growers are taking advantage of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) as leafy greens, tomatoes, basil, and other produce are being grown indoors under conditions that can be monitored and optimized. To better prepare Cornell students to thrive in this innovative industry segment, horticulture associate professor Neil Mattson initiated a course in the fall on Hydroponic Food Crop Production and Management to teach the principles and practices of sustainable, commercial food crop production in CEA. Related PostsThe Plant: Industrial-Scale Urban Agriculture in ChicagoMike Knop hydroponic gardening update March 9, 2015In Search of the Future of Urban Agriculture: Plant ChicagoJohn Edel. Indoor Urban AgricultureGreens and Gills – Chicago’s indoor agriculture at The PlantThe Promise of Indoor Growing Technologies Panel at Nevada Indoor Agriculture Conference

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