Sitting on top of the hills of southwest Devon overlooking the sea, Village Farm is a living example of regenerative agriculture. A little over a year ago, Rebecca …
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Farming with Nature | Living With The Land | Part 3

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  • דרך חייםI ללמד מהטבע

    We are supposed to let the animals eat the fruits and vegetables they deserve, without the skins of course and without the seeds, and you will be surprised to see that they will not die any more ..
    אנחנו אמורים לתת לחיות לאכול פירות וירקות שראויים להם, ללא הקליפות כמובן וללא הזרעים, ותתפלאו לראות שהם לא ימותו יותר..

  • דרך חייםI ללמד מהטבע

    בס"ד ב' ניסן התשע"ח

    A question for thought ..
    The sun is burning and not biodegradable ..
    The trees can live forever if they do not cut them.
    There is wisdom of infinity expressed in the leadership of nature.

    Why do animals not express the wisdom of infinity?
    Why let the sheep and cattle eat green leaves?
    After all, the leaves do not continue to exist as they should.
    And I'm not talking about those weeds that are dry and stay dry even after the rain ..

    You'll see that the only thing worth eating is fruit and vegetables, and that's just the way fruits are going to be fruit again and will be better.

    So too the fruit expresses the wisdom of infinity, and it depends on what we do.
    The whole shell of the fruit must be returned back above the root through which it came into being.

    The peel of the fruit is actually the body of the fruit, while the proper part to eat, is like the body's fat that stores in it an energy that waits to get out of the force.

    Now how do you know that the fruit actually returns by itself ?!
    Simply because if you do not fertilize the tree, at a certain point it stops producing fruit, or rotts and raises worms.

    So now you will understand why a cow that does not do foreign jobs, does not burn with fire and does not use electricity, why is it dead ?! Because they let her eat green leaves that are not worth eating at all ..
    Because their fruit is worthy of eating in breath, smell, or wind .. Moisture that distributes ..
    And when I say eat, I mean there are several ways to put something from the outside into the body.
    Sniff, mouth, and pin.

    For more details you can visit our temporary channel, but as of today it is still in Hebrew only, any technical support for translation additions are welcome ..

    What is the problem with burning fire or electricity?
    They simply remove the material from balance and therefore it is biodegradable ie dead ..
    And we can not be murderers right ?!
    Even a light bulb on it can light "X" hours only ..
    That biodegradable at the end ..

    But progress is gradual, first we have to build a proper structure in our surroundings, where there is everything that is needed, so we will not have electricity and fire, and then we can go through the situation that has happened completely and the world will return to being a paradise.
    What a fun how simple and so gradual ..

  • Truth Knight

    How about going one better and not exploiting animals whilst you're at it? Especially when it's completely unnecessary! That would be even better for the planet, climate, animals and ourselves.

  • kaiiana

    Thats the girl that was in the documentary Farm for the Future…. In it, she was taking over her parents old farm, but here she says she's been tenants on this farm for a year…. Wonder what happened to her old farm :-/

  • Pete Etheridge

    This is fab and begs the obvious question… "If you're a livestock farmer, why not holistically plan your grazing?"

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