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How do you grow a dream with an entrepreneurial mindset? Meet Sam Bertram. Sam plans to change the world, starting by providing food in communities. It’s a big plan. The combination of a mindset, hard work, and engineering talent will be key to success. “We started a company and called it 1.1… Having a stranger come up to you and thank you for your business, for what you did? What could be better than that?” KEEN is the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network, a network of university partners that also believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is essential for creating and sustaining flourishing communities. When an engineer has an entrepreneurial mindset, watch out. They have both the skills and mindset to indeed change the world. See more information about KEEN at This video is a springboard for engineering classroom conversations about addressing real societal needs through a combination of engineering skills and a mindset focused on opportunity and impact. If you’d like to know more about Sam’s specific work, see [Four associated resources are available at Each has links, resources, and discussion questions that the faculty member can adapt for their purposes: (i) Real Needs, Real Solutions — Using engineering to address the societal needs described by the NAE Grand Challenges, the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals, and the UN Global Issues. (ii) Getting Down to Business — An introduction to the Business Model Canvas as a tool that is useful to analyze solutions regardless of context, whether within a start-up, in existing corporations, NGO’s, etc. (iii) Focus on Action — Realizing big ideas through an agile, adaptive process that addresses any challenge, whether technical or not; results-oriented project execution. (iv) Mindset Matters — Resources for an open discussion for students: What is mindset? What is your mindset? How do […]

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