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Pacific Horticulture College (PHC) will provide you with the best possible horticulture educational experience available. Unlike other educational institutes which offer courses in horticulture as only a part of their curriculum, PHC offers only horticulture education. Here you will not be a small group within a large institution, but instead you. Our board of directors keep one focus in mind: Creating an education venue which will allow us to be recognized as the pre-eminent horticulture college in Canada. We achieve this through the correct combination of skilled educators, significant support for our students, and a location which is second to none in Canada. The Education Insider is a weekly program on NTD Multilingual Channel at SHAW Digital 541. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFarming and Gardening EducationFarming and Gardening EducationFarming and Gardening EducationVertical Farming VertiFarmSession 6: Education For All: Gardening ForeverLearning color with farm elements, incorporating gardening into the education children

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