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GROWTH TIMES IN DESCRIPTION This No Man’s Sky Video Walkthrough will answer all your questions about what grows fastest, what crafted item sells for highest price, and other questions about how farming works in the No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update version 1.2. I have a few questions about what the best ways to make money are in the game and am trying to answer those with this video. If you have any questions we didn’t answer here, post them in the comments and I’ll try to do more streams like this in the future. What crafted item sells for the most units? What plants grow the fastest? What farm set up is best for making money? What plants can we plant now in the path finder update? What base rooms can be planted in? What items are needed to plant plants in the game? How to build standing planters (carbon). How to learn how to plant Nip Nip. — 🔆 Your support is always appreciated but never required and goes toward improving future streams with better/more games and equipment. ➾ Donations/sponsorships are displayed in chat during live streams: ‼️ Subscribe here: ❗️ Subscribe on YouTube Gaming too! 💰 Buy Discount Games: ✅ Gaming Mike’s Discord server: — The totals are in. Here’s what we learned about grow times from our farm: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GROW? 123456789A 0 0 0 – Nip Nip: 12 mins 1 – Candensium: 12 mins 2 – Temerium: 16 mins 3 – Coryzagen: 15 mins 4 – Sac Venom: 22 mins 5 – Fervidium: 14 mins 6 – Coprite: 10 mins 7 – Gravitino: 20 mins 8 – Mordite: 7 mins 9 – Spadonium: 8 mins A – Albumen: 20 mins — INTRODUCING PATH FINDER (UPDATE 1.2) […]

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  • Swiggity Swootie 1 year ago

    Can you still farm in normal mode? If so, how do you build those square planters? I can’t seem to figure that out and no video on YouTube seems to describe how to get the blueprints/how to build them

  • Throsteful 1 year ago

    Out Dated Information

  • Roving Punster 1 year ago

    Very pretty layout. However, things have changed since you posted this vid. In the current update (1.35 as of this post), all the hydroponic planters now need to be recharged every other hour or so, or the plants stop growing (ugh). For that reason, the new quad planters seem to make the new and highly onerous chore of recharging 4x less tedious. It also makes it much more ergonomic to lay out your farm in one long row of quads, with no bends or turns.

    My base is currently capping me at 16 quads, which I've laid out in a single crosswise row, with 3 narrow cut-throughs each about 1/4th the way down the line (which I have lined up with doorways). My 10 storage vaults, and my GNT station, are lined up along the long wall, in groups of 3/3/3/1+1 respectively.

    For me, it's the most efficient and ergonomic layout (I've finished survival to galactic center and soon will be starting permadeath) … I'll save all the prettier architecture choices for easy/squishy mode.

  • eleckain 1 year ago

    Yo man how did you build that glass room farm? Which walls and roof and floor that kind of stuff

  • Gol de Perú 1 year ago

    You can get those in normal mode. You need to do building mission And farming mission.

  • Richard Huntington 1 year ago

    Good video, Mike! Thank you!

  • Riftfox21 1 year ago

    So ive been running google search to find out .. on survival mode how do you get the blueprints to grow more than just a couple types of plants? ive searched for the past 80ish hours or so going from station to station, planet to planet talking to all kinds of aliens even the ones in the habital bases and killing drones but to no avail. anyone know? or have I been missing something. I'm already done with my farmers quests now he just sends me to go to locations that give armadium but that's it.

  • RESPONDI433 1 year ago

    No Mans Farm

  • Look in-Look out 1 year ago

    thanks for super info bud…

  • KhasAdun 1 year ago

    Haha they literally put weed in this game in the form of NipNip. I love it.

  • Tim Carver 1 year ago

    btw the standing planter i believe i bought mine from the guy at my base the one who sells blueprints for money.. and its only carbon you cant get anything else from it or plant anything in it

  • Tim Carver 1 year ago

    i have my bio dome on top of a tower and it gives you more spaces to plant

  • The Chicken's Permission 1 year ago

    Very helpful video!

  • A submarine for rigogen would be nice

  • V Fomalhaut 1 year ago

    epic green house, amazing!

  • steven w 1 year ago

    do you know how long it takes the plants to grow ? an ish time would be helpful too ty

  • theface60 1 year ago

    I think there's more items on survival mode and probably perma mode. Pretty sure creative and normal modes are toned down and don't get all the products

  • Nathaniel Bird 1 year ago

    I rlly want those Plutomium plants…

  • Annie Tatum 1 year ago

    Thank you for producing this video.. Awesome

  • Arispe86 1 year ago

    The girl in the beginning looks sick real thin pale colored like she got the flu or something

  • phazonruler3000 1 year ago

    Jesus christ why is your voice so high pitched. Also this video is way too biased

  • Natey Ratey 1 year ago

    Extremely bias in this video.

  • idlingdove 1 year ago

    Very cute voice, love it. But total rubbish. "Organic", in modern-day marketing terminology, simply means that certain pesticides can be used and others not. One result is that "organic" farms use, in general, more land per unit produce than "conventional" farms – which defeats somewhat the purpose of "organic" farming (more natural forest must be destroyed to produce the same quantity of crops).

  • Ashley Adam 1 year ago

    I like the video but I don't know which country that I live in has a organic sticker and those stuff I'm just so glad you told me !

  • Christopher Turner 1 year ago

    Oil is not organic? Lol, it's free range dinosaur juice and even the dinosaurs were organic…… So I suggest you drink crude oil…. Its organic.

  • morelli tech 1 year ago

    so if more cost (pesticides add cost) are accrued when farming conventionally, then why is organic produce 100% higher in prices?

  • Juice1 1 year ago

    Good video, well presented with actual facts which compliment the idea that we should all embrace organic (natural) food to preserve human, animal health and the environment.

  • sohel gazi 1 year ago


  • McKayla Tanner 1 year ago

    I hope you understand that not every crop goes through the same pesticide/herbicide treatment that she said the carrots go through….

  • SAV PR 1 year ago

    Interesting video.

  • The Fruit Doctor 1 year ago

    Wow. I'm shocked by all the nasty comments. I wonder if these people are paid trolls for Monsanto? Me thinks so. Great video. Keep up the great work!

  • Mildred Kimberly Dawn Lee 1 year ago

    Thank you

  • Jordan Peters 1 year ago

    Amazing work! Simple and effective! Anyone who discredits organic and sustainable farming must not realise the magnitude of chemicals used and the truth of how the interact with the human body. 

  • ricky stephens 1 year ago

    make me sick organic cost more 

  • Tanya Hyman 1 year ago

    I have an organic garden to avoid spending a lot of money.

  • OrganicNative 1 year ago

    Organic = Better Taste, Better Health.

    Not to Mention Micro RNA we Digest in our Food.
    Which is not broken down When we eat it, Its actually stored into our cells & the Function of Micro-RNA is Gene Regulation.

    Giving a literal meaning to "You are what you eat"

    Changing a gene within a DNA structure leads to unpredictable results,
    And Genetic Engineers have no control over where a Gene will splice into DNA.. 

    Ultimately we have no Idea whatsoever What Genetically Modified Micro-RNA will do to the Biology of people who consume GMO foods.

    All I know is Throughout History (Before Genetic Modification) Foods were perfectly fine the way they were. There is More than enough food on this planet to feed everyone, The problem is Access to it, Not Quantity of it. 

    So there is No excuse to Genetically Modify food into Vast Quantity's of Garbage.

  • Organic Children Foundation 1 year ago

    Great Video !!

  • Jason Lamb 1 year ago

    how is oil not organic? it comes directly out of the ground.