It has taken months to get our vegetable garden looking ready this year and I’m so pleased to finally be able to bring you our Vegetable Garden Tour 2020! We’ve gone from 12 beds last year to 36 beds this year and I’m so happy with how everything is looking and all the work we’ve done in the farmhouse garden. Come along with me for the Vegetable Garden Tour 2020.

You can find the blog post with the full Vegetable Garden Tour 2020 – with before and afters – on the Sugar Maple Farmhouse blog here: COMING SOON!

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Pea and bean trellis –
Similar black trellis –
Similar black iron trellis –
Cucumber trellis (best for beans) –
Mending plates –

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Farmhouse Vegetable Garden Tour 2020

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  • Melinda Joy

    This is literally the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen. I just love the little twig bean trellises and the organized way you laid everything out. So glad I stumbled upon your video today!

  • Tannenbaumgirl

    Those single stem dwarf apple trees are likely grown on dwarf rook stock. They will need support because of the limited roots it will produce. Fasten it to a stake and trim the side branches accordingly, otherwise with the next heavy wind or heavy crop it might uproot itself. Very nice garden though, and nice layout. Raised is the way to go, and much easier to manage.

  • Cara Wilcox

    Your garden is a beautiful, functional space. Well done! I do just want to mention though that the plants you were calling “beans” were actually peas! (At the 5:07 point in the video). This is important because beans need warm weather but peas need cool weather.

  • Hley don

    Your garden is beautiful ❤ I wish I had the space for one this size. I'm in the city and have 3 decent sized raised beds and then to add more room we got our hands on some barrels and cut them in half. Some things love the barrels and some things hate them, this summer will be my 3rd year and I'm learning a lot.

  • Adventurous Ali Asman

    This is gorgeous!! So incredibly excited to get going on our garden this year! We have 26 Acres out in Oregon and The past 5 years or so everything has been neglected. It's my dream to bring the property back to life and I am so inspired by your garden!!

  • Jackie Hodge

    We had issues with our apple trees that looked like that. It was a fungus caused by a cedar pine planted about 40 ft away. It looked like you have the same kind of pines in the background. We only had one pine so we removed it because it was bothering our grape vine too. Since then we have had no issues. You can also treat the trees with a fungus spray or transplant further away

  • Yvonne McNaughton

    You have a beautiful property.Lots of hard work has gone into this.Hope you continue to be rewarded for all your efforts

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