Farmers in the Netherlands are growing more food using less resources | Pioneers for Our Planet

This pioneering Dutch farm has found clever ways to generate higher yields using less space and fewer inputs. They’re growing food that’s more sustainable and economical too. Despite being a small, densely populated country, the Netherlands is one of the world’s biggest vegetable exporters. As our demand for food increases, could this efficient approach help define the farms of the future? Read more about the inspiring pioneers finding creative solutions to climate catastrophe here:

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Farmers in the Netherlands are growing more food using less resources | Pioneers for Our Planet

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  • Petrazenka

    It is good to advance progress as long as people are still able to do things the old fashioned way. People are losing the ability to farm the soil the traditional way and becoming dependant on a system that requires many other areas of society to function. If any part of those systems break down due to some event then the population is in great danger of starvation.

    Imagine a massive solar flare EMP causing a Carrington event and most countries being without a electrical net for a few years… in the mean time billions on earth die… then there will be too few people left to rebuild society. The survivors wont even know how to do anything the old fashioned way which will kill off almost all the rest of the world population.

    People need to learn the old-fashioned way of doing things just incase…..
    All from farming, hunting, fishing, primitive fire making, hand powered ore extraction, primitive metal working, primitive construction, primitive stone working, and general survival techniques.

    Every family needs to become survivalists and preppers because the more progress is made the more vulnerable the world population becomes to disasters.

  • Resonance of Illumination - Ambition of Void

    The best thing about all this is that all these fruits and vegetables are exported to foreign countries and that we, the dutch, have to buy overpriced, inferior food from other countries. Fuck this shit. According to what I've learned in economics fruits and vegetables should be the most affordable thing here in NL yet I can stuff myself with crappy processed foods for over a week compared to what I would've gotten if I had bought fresh produce. Fuck this world.