Added by on 2016-10-20 On his small plot of land in Kikuyu, Mr Peter Chege is growing tomatoes, barley, lettuce and strawberries on water.Using a technology known as hydroponics, Mr Chege has eliminated the need to use soil in the agricultural process.Even more incredible, eliminating soil in growing his plants has led to faster maturity rates and exponentially higher yields. Related PostsFarmer reaping big from hydroponics Business Foresight features an using hydroponics technology to earn a living. Hydroponics is the process ofHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesWhat Is Hydroponics ? (Sharing From A Hydroponic Farmer And from University Lab Professors)Advanced Hydroponic System in India Crops from Drops Young farmer of PunjabAdvanced Hydroponic System in India | Crops from Drops | Young farmer of PunjabAsk The Urban Farmer — Hydroponics

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  • ezra mururu 1 year ago

    I would love to visit this farm in person with some friends.Can anyone help with directions or contact please?

    Many regards

  • cliff woodbury 1 year ago

    imagine if someone with real money went into buisness with him wht would happen in this area. his buisness effects the whole economic structure. unlike all the minining enterprises that foreiners are raping africa for

  • chukwudi ibeh 1 year ago

    Very smart initiative but please how can I have ur contact address Mr Peter Chege for business discussion

  • Michael Heery 1 year ago


  • Josh E 1 year ago

    Awesome, man! 

  • Sonnie verse 1 year ago

    Hey. how can i contact this farmer. am interested in talking to him

  • John Doe 1 year ago

    you would have faster results using black pots.

  • Shaharit Harmon 1 year ago

    Hydroponics is a great system but it have some disadvantage, you must purchase some "plant food", nutrients and supplements which may be costly. Before making any hydroponics system, it is best to look at the benefit of aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.

  • Isabella Cosgrove 1 year ago

    Dear Peter!  Such a wonderful idea.  I just love it. So many people can benefit by it, especially in Africa. What kind of nutrients do you use and how often do you replace the water?  May I please have your email or skype address?  Thanks.  Take care.

  • Joseph murimi 1 year ago


  • wanzueni 1 year ago

    cant you put the Swine foos in a container? the cage is so dirty

  • lilyann flowers 1 year ago

    hydroponics can end world hunger !! wow 

  • toob247 1 year ago

    the swine look fine , very healthy and happy 

  • Mohamed Abdi 1 year ago

    Anything against nature not good

  • Medullaforever 1 year ago

    Will it not be better to use clay pots, in fact you will be using natural materials and also providing an income to local producers of clay pots, and also clay pots a -just a thought, although clay pots may be heavy and staking them may be an issue.

  • Medullaforever 1 year ago

    This is great, but are there any concerns from using plastic buckets that may contaminate the plant with dioxins or other chemicals. Mr. Chege, how do you guard against breakdown of chemicals from the plastic as the bucket ages?

  • Michael KUNG'U 1 year ago

    Thank you for your willingness to share this information with other Kenyans. I visited your demonstration farm and started mine at Mwea, in Kirinyaga County of Kenya. I have some pigs and the results speak for themselves. My name is Michael Kung'u of +254722365724. Keep up your good work Mr. Chege.

  • plain2growJim 1 year ago

    Mr. Chege, you are the embodiment of grassroots hydroponics. A commendable system and very compact. I have added your video to my hydroponics channel.

  • Charles Wambugu 1 year ago

    Thank you Mr. Peter for that good demonstration & the great work you are doing.
    1.My concern is how you contain bad smell from the hydroponic water in the Buckets;
    2.How do i mix fertilizers in the bucket water say when growing one, Lettuce two, Tomatoes;
    3.What variety of seeds for Lettuce, Tomatoes & Barley do well in Mombasa?
    4.Can i use a normal Polythene bag or transparent roofing sheets for the shed instead
    of Green House Sheets?
    I will be glad to hear more from you.God Bless You. 

  • keidno_niwde 1 year ago

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