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Farm.One builds and operates vertical farms growing hundreds of rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens for the world’s chefs. Own a piece of Farm.One at Related PostsThe Future of Transportation in NJ (2005)Indoor Farms Are the FutureUrban FarmsTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)The farms of the futureVertical Farms – Ultimate Food Source For Future Mega-Cities

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  • Татьяна Колганова 3 months ago

    Hello. We want to offer you remote work, training our employees in hydroponics, growing greens, and all that is connected with hydrohoronics. We are located in Uzbekistan, we unfortunately do not have specialists in the poet, we are looking for from different countries. Payment and terms of cooperation with us are negotiated by phone. I would be grateful if you accept our offer. contacts +998901316739 you can write in a telegram, Viber, watcap, with respect Tatyana.

  • ryan miller 3 months ago

    Interesting concept for sure, but I'm still a soil man. You just will not get as good of a flavor from hydro.

  • Kisschai Yarungsee 3 months ago

    Try to do that without investment money and you'll see that doesnt last

  • Zachary Bronson 3 months ago

    You have a great product and an awesome concept but please, dont discount the ingenuity and labor of our ancestors. Farming is and always has been a science, and an evolving technology.

  • Hope you aren't using NYC tap water

  • Guderian 3 months ago

    Thank you very much good work شكرا

  • Asha Gopinathan 3 months ago

    You have expansion plans to Dubai?

  • HM Academy 3 months ago

    How to start hydroponics?

  • Najeeb pk 3 months ago


  • Patrick Schaefer 3 months ago

    Now this is how you get rich private investors. Not just the idea of vertical farming being efficient, but making otherwise unavailable or crazy expensive delicacies available to them

  • Luis Eduardo Gómez de Aranda Junco 3 months ago

    This truly is a very impressive vertical farm. I hope Rob Laing the best success.

  • Udana Janith 3 months ago


  • City Urban Farm Jim Peckham 3 months ago

    Love your work, welcome to the new future of food x

  • GREG W 3 months ago


  • Bojo Mojo 3 months ago

    don't your plants get infested with white flies and aphids?

  • Bartosz 3 months ago

    I saw there a small bug being put on the plant 🙂 What was it? what for? :O ??

  • Heather Watson 3 months ago

    You said
    'Own a piece of Farm.One" how does that work?

  • Rich Mountains 3 months ago

    Great story !