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(Jamie) Thanks for staying with us! Now Kyle and Philip discuss the importance of membership in NCBA. (Kyle) Hi this is Kyle Bauer. I have the opportunity to visit with Philip Ellis. He is the current president of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Philip is a rancher from the Chugwater, Wyoming, area. Tell us just a bit about your ranching operation in Wyoming. (Philip) You bet Kyle. We’re a fifth generation to ranch in that valley. Third generation on this ranch. It’s good strong summer grass country and a pretty good in winter grass, high plains area. We have raised a commercial Red Angus Hereford cross firm but we’ve been in stocker cattle and registered Red Herefords over the years. We’re just tickled to have a family ranch there and family continuing to carry on. I have a nephew managing the ranch right now so I can travel as NCBA President. (Kyle) NCBA, by the time you get to be president of the organization, you’ve been involved for quite some time. Tell us just a bit about your involvement with the industry and leadership over the years. (Philip) Well certainly. In fact, I started out like a lot of people do with our county association as secretary-treasurer and got involved in the Wyoming Stock Grower Association and committees and was president there several years ago. And then volunteered at the NCBA in regional vice president and then through the chairs to become president. It’s a great opportunity to promote and lead in the industry that I really believe in. (Kyle) What has been the most positive aspect of your involvement with NCBA? The most pleasant thing that you’ll remember for years to come? (Philip) Well as I travel from state to state and association, like Kansas Livestock Association, but throughout the […]

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