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Brian and Darren Hefty talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a no-till system. Related PostsFarm Basics-Tillage Vs No-Till #650 (Air Date 9/19/10)Farm Basics #940 Cost of Farming (Air Date 4/10/16)THE PRO’S & CON’S OF MY URBAN FARM!!Aquaponics Vertical Systems Pros And ConsHomegrown Hydroponic greenhouse pros and consPros and Cons of Wind Power

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  • kroneharvester 9 months ago

    you guys ever talk about heavy clay ground soils??

  • kladpapier 9 months ago

    I guess soil compaction might be an issue with no-till as well, since the ground never gets loosened up.
    Conservation tillage or Strip till seems best, gives you the best of both worlds 🙂