Added by on 2016-06-30 Mike Robson, FAO Representative in Bangladesh expresses his views on the newly undertaken demonstrative green rooftop Initiative at FAO Representation in Bangladesh. Background: FAO’s current works actively to protect, promote and improve established food-based systems as the sustainable solution to ensure food and nutrition security. More specifically, assistance in the field is being provided in homestead food production and nutrition education with the objective of enhancing food security and nutrition. For urban agriculture concept, rooftops would be ideal to provide space for food production when no ground-level landscape is available. Rooftop farms and gardens are therefore particularly valuable in densely occupied cities of Bangladesh, where space is at a premium, and their construction supports the idea of building upward, rather than outward. Purpose: The key purpose would be the demonstration and promote urban agriculture- rooftop agriculture- green roof. © FAO: Video Rating: / 5 Fruits on roof garden We show you the techniques on how to successfully grow Guava in your garden. See the different Guava varieties to grow in your garden and then decide which one you want to grow! A beautiful bangla song bangla song,bangla song 2015,bangla new song 2014,bangla music video,bangla music video 2014,bangla song Na Bola Kotha 2 by Bangla Song | Bangla New Song | Bangla Song 2015 | Bangla New Song 2015 | Bangla Video Song | Bangla New Video Song | Bangla Video Song 2015 | Bangla New Video Song 2015 | Bangla Music | Bangla New Music | Bangla Music 2015 | Bangla New Music 2015 | Bangla Music Video | Bangla Music Video 2015 | Bangla New Music Video | Bangla New Music Video 2015 | Super hot song with bangl song . Putul bangla Hot song Full albam -Bondhu amar boidese All New Putul Bangla Latest song. Bangla […]

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  • Mizanur Rahman 1 year ago


  • Anita postwala 1 year ago

    nice and shy people

  • Home Entertainment 1 year ago

    Still I missing all of my trees in my roof garden

  • M/s Rabia Health care center and M/s ICT computer training center 1 year ago

    Guava is a best fruit for vitamin- C.

  • dhaka nogori 1 year ago

    thanks for sharing..i have a dream too to make this but not upon the roof …may be in the mud ground..

  • S Chowdhury 1 year ago