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A rare and foul smelling moment in the plant kingdom is about to unfold at the Chicago Botanical Garden. A corpse flower named “Spike” is on the verge of blooming. If you’ve smelled one, you might want to run. Adriana Diaz reports on how crowds are craving the stink. A brief explanation of The Plant and the concepts that drive the development of the project. These ideas include closed-loop food production, social enterprise, net-zero energy systems and aquaponics among others. For more information visit – The Plant is a project of Bubbly Dynamics, LLC. Founded on a model of closing waste, resource, and energy loops, The Plant is working to show what truly sustainable food production and economic development looks like by growing and producing food inside a repurposed industrial building. LINKS: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @PlantChicago | Related PostsVertical Gardening Examples at the 2014 Chicago Flower and Garden ShowVertical ocean farming – the least deadliest catch | Bren Smith | TEDxBermudaC of C 2-4-12 Plant Chicago: Farming for the Future A Net-Zero Energy Vertical FarmLingo Kid- The Teenage years- The Talented Kid speaks many languages to Sell his fansPlant Chicago | A PrimePay Client StoryPlant Chicago Aquaponics – Patagonia Grant to Improve Propagation

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  • britemite 1 year ago

    "Smells like Indianapolis in the summer time." Burn!

  • amy besthoff 1 year ago

    but the flower was not big like that it was about 1 foot wide and 1 foot high

  • amy besthoff 1 year ago

    this flower bloomed in our courtyard in Vero beach Florida it was literally disgusting

  • joegoogle68 1 year ago

    3:33 Margaret swinging her feet like a kid at the playground! She is so AWESOMESAUCE!

  • Carl Terreros 1 year ago