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This Lunar New Year, On The Red Dot reunites Singapore’s most beloved television families – Asia’s first English sitcom, “Under One Roof” and Singapore’s first successful English drama, “Growing Up”. From the jaunty rap jingle “Moses Lim is Tan Ah Teck” to the shocking plot twist that stunned Singaporeans, these 90s icons changed the way English is heard and written on local TV. Singapore’s funniest family, Moses Lim, Koh Chieng Mun and their “kids” Andrew Lim, Vernetta Lopez and Nicholas Lee, return to the set of their old home and remember how it all began, from their meteoric rise to the loss of one of their brightest stars, Zaibo. Then, journey to Singapore’s last kampong for an emotional reunion with Lim Kay Tong, Wee Soon Hui, Steven Lim, Jamie Yeo and Benedict Goh. Relive the shock of a death in the family and discover a surprising off-set relationship that nobody ever knew. =========== About On The Red Dot: CNA’s weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging. =========== On The Red Dot playlist: #CNAInsider #OnTheRedDot #UnderOneRoof #Singapore For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER! Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGROWING VEGETABLE IN FEB 2021| VEGETABLE GARDEN IN ENGLAND| THE SANGWAN FAMILYThe NO RULES Vegetable Gardening Method | 9 Key Lessons from a Year of Growing IntuitivelyOne year review of growing organic produce in garden towers (garden tower 2), payback periodDIY Living Roof Dog House – Home & FamilyGrowing Organic Food with Garden Towers: Clark's Family Homestead in Brown County, IndianaGrowing A Green Roof On Our Industrial Home!

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  • M.Aliss Harris 1 week ago

    Please bring back the old tv shows

  • James yue 1 week ago

    I don't know why, seeing these legendary casts puts a smile on my face naturally.

  • Lydia T 1 week ago

    I miss this so much. Can we watch again, please ? Under One Roof is always in my heart.

  • Wan 2021 1 week ago

    Irin Gan Andrew Siao & Leena Salim are missing from the cast. It’s unfortunate that mediacorp shows nowdays will never be the same like Under One Roof & Growing Up

  • Amisa Amiruddin 1 week ago

    Weh, favourite ni.

  • Elisha Rusli 1 week ago


  • Allan Tan 1 week ago

    Paul was my favourite. He’s so weird and funny.

  • Ang Jin Yong 1 week ago

    This and 敢敢做個開心人 were my childhood memories

  • Suzy Lolita 1 week ago

    The main problem with Under One roof in my view is singaporeans do not speak english and if do was broken english back then. To me the show failed and too lacking being in touch with the audience and thus reality. If it were filmed in mandarin most of sg population would have felt it more. So fundamentally the show was like a non chinese or kantang filming what is heartlander film. It was like an ang mo from usa trying to film an asian film. If not for being a production of state media, it would have failed miserably. The english is not reflecting reality

  • sushi sin 1 week ago

    I love watching under 1 roof.

  • Mel Wu 1 week ago

    Wow excellent video really love it alot

  • Zeezee SD 1 week ago

    Under 1 roof.. I miss it alot

  • Sean Bay 1 week ago

    Growing Up is a tv drama show that reminds ppl not to behave like a child. Agree?

    I remember it on both Okto and Channel 5.

    And what i know, is that the teen cast members of Growing Up and Under One Roof are already in their 40s.

  • Yew K Lee 1 week ago

    Where can i watch Masters of the Sea?

  • Lord Hadi 1 week ago

    Literally the best days of tv

  • soupknot83 1 week ago

    goodness how i miss this shows

  • batlily 1 week ago

    @5.43 ‘which Singaporean family talks like this!?’. LOL!!!!

  • garyly 41 1 week ago

    where is andrew seow ?