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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

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Fall Vegetable Garden Tour! 🌽🍂🍅// Garden Answer

| Vegetable Gardening | 17 Comments
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  • Rhonda Williams

    I didn't quit understand what you said the name of the flowers are that are with the peas you planted. They are such a beautiful deep color. They look like fuchsia in color.

  • Cindy Royce

    Gopher traps works best for us. They hit your yard hard in the spring and then again in the fall. Stay on top of them and they wont move around over the entire yard. As new gophers move onto your property, they seem to re use the same tunnels year after year and then spread out to new areas. Once the tunnel is used, they will work that area again come nest year.

  • Victoria Brown Frank

    Have you ever had a Marconi pepper? It's like a bell pepper but not as strong beautiful plants nice thick stems and if you can get them they're fantastic. I'm not a bell pepper fan so I go to the Marconi's. When they are being Harvested you can either when you cut them up dry them or you can freeze them. I have done both freezing will take and if you lay them out on a cookie sheet kind of separated and freeze them. Put the peppers in a frozen bag. You just dip into them anytime you need a pepper there are already chopped up and they're ready to go in the pot. I've been doing this for quite a few years. You can have fresh peppers in your recipes overwinter. I assume you could do it with the other peppers.

  • Victoria Brown Frank

    Try some zucchini bread Jam. It's in the ball recipe canning book it's simple to make no pectin needed and has a really good taste you can vary it by the fruit you put in it or spices but very good.

  • Carla Walden

    Hey girl. Want to ask you to go check out Homestead Tessie channel. She could really use a shout out by you. She is a sweet soul that is real and puts out a video everyday. She is close to reaching 10k subscribers and needs your help. Any one watching please check her out at Homestead Tessie and subscribe. You have some many subscribers and I love your channel. Please help Homestead Tessie reach her goal

  • Melissa Johnson

    I love watching your videos!! This is a totally random question, but what brand of jeans do you typically wear in your videos? You and I have a similar shape, and I like all of the jeans in your videos. Please share!!! You know how hard it is to find good fitting jeans!! :). Thanks!!

  • Anca Bolca

    Laura i was actually cooking EGGPLANT today and i remembered you saying in your video that you never found a eggplant recipe that you liked. We have a recipe that's amazing (for Romanians anyways) and it's extremely good and pretty easy to make. It's called Eggplant Salad … i was searching online for recipes (rather than me writing a huge post here) and found this: https://whereismyspoon.co/romanian-aubergine-salad-vinete/ it's similar to how i cook it (i use just eggplant, red onions, salt and home made mayo) and has some good instructions and tips :). There is also another recipe in which we heavily use eggplants but it's quite time consuming … if you ever want to make it it's called Zacusca and i'm guessing there might be some recipes in English if you google it. Each family has their own twist on it. Really hope you get to read my post and hopefully find a recipe for Eggplants that you like 🙂 they are one of my faves to cook with. Hugs from Romania!

  • Amanda S

    great job on your garden! can you show us how to trim back tomatoes? I just let my get so wild I would like to learn how to take better care of them next year.

  • Sarah W

    Lovely garden tour! Question about how you stay organized. You rattle off all the planting and harvest dates so easily. What do you use to keep the schedule so organized?

  • Rebeca Diaz

    Love it!!! Thank you for making this video. If I can only have 1/2 of your crops in my space I will be blessed. Growing Tiger Melons, Roma tomatoes, and bell peppers. Will try corn again next time.

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