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Planting a fall vegetable garden is a great way to get more crops from the space you have right through autumn into early winter but timing is key to its success. In this video, we demonstrate how you can select plants for your fall garden by choosing vegetables which like to be planted at this time of year, as well as how you can use the Garden Planner to work out the best position to help each plant grow to its full potential. The Garden Planner is available from several major websites and seed suppliers: and many more… Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenHow to Plan a Bigger, Better Garden – Easy Vegetable Garden PlanningWhat to Plant in your Fall Vegetable Garden & Planting Seeds from the Garden!Why Grow a Fall Organic Vegetable Garden?Starting a Fall Vegetable Garden3 Common Garden Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

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  • Dragon Fruit Garden Grower 1 week ago

    thanks for the great ideas information' it helps me a lot, i love it

  • Chris Duval 1 week ago

    Microphone too close, mouth noises are excessive

  • Noah Brady 1 week ago

    can I plant in late summer/early fall?

  • Eric Baland 1 week ago

    Some of the best cold weather crops are brassicas – and don't forget broad beans.

  • S Stafford 1 week ago

    will this work on a covered patio facing west? also would I need to start the seedlings inside with grow light and then any grow lights required on the porch? Location Dallas Tx. Thanks

  • Nancy Nisbet 1 week ago

    Do I have to cover the kale, beetroot, etc for the winter with fleece?. Thank you very much.

  • Ken Merrick 1 week ago

    Hi, newbie here 🙂 As a "transplant" to S France myself, I'm having some confusion about what to do when (starting from seed, planting and especially taking cuttings etc ) when there is no frost date. Any help much appreciated….apparantly, we are similar to zone 9b in the US.

  • Jennifer Smallwood 1 week ago

    I don't see drip tape as a part in your irrigation inventory.

  • Crystal Downs 1 week ago

    I HATE his accent…clicking off now. 🙁

  • Stan The Man! 1 week ago

    Altho Peas them selves as in the plant is frost resistant and can grow after many frosts the Peas and flowers are Not frost tolerant… so you will be wasting your time growing them as a fall crop anywhere that has frost… but they make a great early spring crop as soon as soil can be worked! just hoping not to many people waste there time trying to grow fall peas in frost affected areas

  • Laquita Byrd 1 week ago

    Hi I live in memphis and the weather is hot and I wanna know is it too late to start a garden of kale cabbage peas tomatoes green onion and cucumbers

  • Deborah J 1 week ago

    Thank you !!!

  • Garden Sheds Kent 1 week ago

    This informational video is extremely great! This is very helpful to be wise in selecting what to type of plant to have in particularly in every season. Of course, we need succeed in what we aimed for about gardening.

  • nery colon 1 1 week ago

    That's great information. I have to my lettuce on the end of September or October since where I Live there's no freezing weather.

  • GrowVeg 1 week ago

    The Garden Planner is available from several gardening websites – just click the Show More link under the description of the video (above) and you'll see a list of links to some of the sites (sorry, YouTube won't let us post links directly into this comment). is one of the main ones.

  • Tim Trammell 1 week ago

    WHere can I get that garden planner?

  • Peter Pyrreb 1 week ago

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Nicole Zapata 1 week ago

    What a great resource, as usual from Mother Earth News! I'm going to share this link with our Community Garden group. Thank you!

  • greenlovingmom 1 week ago

    good tips thanks!