Go on a gardening adventure with Ms. Cathy & Ms. Kelly this fall, as they give it a go in the Children’s Garden at Lone Star College-Tomball Community Library with this NEW Virtual Program series! In this first episode they will share with you what you’ll need to get started and hope it inspires you to try a little gardening with your family!

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A beautiful compilation of the highlights of summer just gone vegetable garden harvest 🌿 we love to be closer to nature with the kids stepping back from the screens to grow more greens 🥗
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Fall Gardening for Kids! | Grow With Us

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  • Parnell The Chef

    Those vegetables look great! The peas, the strawberries, the beets, etc. all look so fresh and vibrant. It is awesome that your children get to learn where vegetables come from and not just think of them as something that comes out of a bag or a can. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Moody Artist

    Yummy! Those strawberries! I love how the children enjoy pulling up the vegetables. Big Like!  Fully watched.   Shared.   Stay Safe.  Stay Connected.