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Update on the second video: Due to some MAJOR health complications, I’m being forced to delay the second video for the time being. I should be okay eventually (I’m NOT dying or anything like that) but to say that I am in poor condition at the moment is an understatement. When I get better, I will be FINALLY posting that second video. I greatly apologize to everyone for the delay. I will return. Related PostsMaster Chief Sucks at Getting a JobPermaculture Design Course 11 Landscape ProfilesArtificial Plants Wall, Imitation Flowers, Fake Vertical Garden,Shape in square for Home DecorationsSoft rock, slow jams, adult contemporary, etc.Watch Conway’s Game Of Life In Apl – Sites To Find PeopleHow To Build Aeroponic Cloner 35 Sites to Root/Grow/Propagate Plant Cuttings DIY

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  • Bizness Crew 1 year ago

    As a business consultant and corporate strategist I can say that I have a bit of experience and knowledge with dating sites and how they operate. I am talking about the strategy aspects of them.
    There are 4 types of users, in general:

    * The real profiles are your normal people, with normal photos and nothing out of the ordinary.
    *The dicks create attractive, but fake accounts as a lure just to have some fun and because they are bored. They play around with suckers for a short while before they get bored of doing so and they abandon their profiles.
    * Scammer create attractive fake accounts as a lure and to attract people with the aim of extracting money out of the suckers. Scammers WILL respond and will be keen to communicate. However, they will NEVER confirm their identity through a face to face conversation.
    * Admins create attractive fake accounts to create value to the site in order to attract more users. Admins are too busy to respond to countless messages to their countless fake accounts that they create. These accounts are there for show and to attract more users who will think the site is great because it has so many sexy people. This is a marketing tactic.

    If your messages are ignored, don't take it personally. It's just marketing.
    If you do get a reply ALWAYS, ALWAYS request face to face Skype contact.

  • colt kwilkerson 1 year ago

    what is the purpose of someone putting fake profiles on a dating site, what do they get out of it.

  • Julie Moncrief 1 year ago

    Nigerian scammers most likely.

  • fasignal 1 year ago

    you go on and on and on………………………………………………………………………………………………….and on and on………………………………

  • Turbo 1 year ago

    You can check how these online dating scammers operate on a research I made and posted on my channel youturbo2011, check my video RECOGNIZE ONLINE DATING SCAMS

  • Joseph Andrew Sandora 1 year ago

    It is all about the bottom line: Profit! All of these dating sites are scams! It is about getting your Credit Card Number and getting your Money! PERIOD!

  • Duke Mantee 1 year ago

    These tutorials are bs. Go on there with realistic expectations. Be upfront and honest. You'll at least increase your circle of acquaintances. And probably more. Unless you're a typical male pig. Then it's no wonder you're single.

  • Penny Pincher 1 year ago

    I did an experiment with the help of a female friend about ten years ago. I was in my mid 40's at the time. I put a profile up on POF. I had some very good photos taken of myself, one in physical activity (which I do), one with my three cars all spit polished clean, one in casual wear at a patio gathering, one in a business suit, and one in a luxury condo which I rent for vacation. I put a detailed and concise word profile together, with all my interests, my physical description, my career, education, aspirations, dreams, goals, accomplishments, etc. I set my expectations for 'what I was hoping for' in my profile to what any modest, reasonable woman could meet. I didn't get one single fucking response after having it up for three months, then I removed it. The kicker is, I'm in great shape, don't smoke, and (yes, really) make six figures with an established, decade long career. Then my female friend put a profile up with a couple of sexy (but not overly revealing) photos. She didn't even put much information in her profile, just some vague, generic details. She got 688 emails in a week, and the responses were as lame as fuck. It was absolutely pathetic and disheartening seeing the emails from guys (Men) who were the epitome of blue-balled, white-knighting, ankle grabbing, no-brain-in-control, do-anything-for pussy asswipes. Women showed their true colours then, and I have not dated since I removed my profile all that time ago. I have done much more, and satisfying pursuits with my time and money. But I lost a lot of respect for Men, having seen those emails that my female friend received. It disappoints me that so many of you are willing to sell out yourselves, your identity, empty your wallet, crawl on your knees, and trash ALL your self respect just to fuck a pussy that has been plowed more times than a Monsanto canola field.

  • Ian Soberano 1 year ago

    hey there CL is a fake man do not do date girls they are weird and fake and mean. I have been there done that the CL is a false site for dating and since I am being honest don't believe what is being put on the net Plenty of fish is gay too. I hate CL it is the
    most dumbest site ever built maybe they should hack this site for good.

  • You are 100% correct. I am not ashamed to admit I have tried POF for close to 8 months. I have probably messaged over 300-400 people and have had no real replies from real people except for maybe 2. Most replies talk and tell me they live close but then the lies start. I feel I have became quite a scammer spotter LOL…..

  • Victor Jones 1 year ago

    creepy makes the person that made this video look like they created those fake accounts just to prove a point but it makes you look creepy.
    did you spend all your. time searching all the dating websites.

  • CainO Trump 1 year ago

    POF has more real people then DateHookUp. I have met more people in real life on DateHookUp then I have POF… But I know people on POF who have had more luck on POF. I am sure there are fake profiles all all or most sites, some catfish and some BOTS… or just blank fake profile to lower people into the site.

    But from my experience, DateHookUp sucks now days, there use to be more real people on there… now days I think DateHookUp is dead. POF has way more potential, but POF is more of a sex site or hookup site rather then a date line. But it is good to be able to spot CatFish and other Fake Profiles… Keep up the good work helping to educate the public.

  • blogger88 1 year ago

    Blonde hair blue eye girls does not fit the profile of an computer wiz, man! Computer is not their world, cheerleading is…

  • skorpia g 1 year ago

    OK ..if a weird goofy lookin guy slides into my dms. he's not getting a response. or if it's a fine guy with fake pics that are his displaying wealth with only 6 pics of his car,house,private jet ..he's full of it. those are scammers and fake profiles. I have friends that don't respond to guys because alot are just plain not in their league. the only fine chics that will respond are professional hookers.

  • Lydia Bocage 1 year ago

    I'm confused, do men expect a reply when they send a message? If I don't get a reply I think he isn't attracted to me. I don't think the profile is fake. And who on earth contacts loads of people, why? I read the profile, think am I attracted to this person and after some thought write a message. You show little confidence if you're liking every woman on the site. I think before I click. Some just like, swipe right or contact everyone they like not thinking are we in anyway a match. A personality match, style match, as out going, as educated, social etc. I know no one has to match perfectly but if you play games all day every day why would you expect someone who likes extreme sports to be attracted to you. That's why I read the profile. Oh and get good photo's taken, of you, now.

  • Lee Loomis 1 year ago

    i Haven't messed aRound with Google images when you can upLoad a picture on Google and some time you will know where the picture come from I haven't had time to mess with this program yet
    i wonder if you could use it for people pictures

  • James 1 year ago

    I met a nice women on POF, it was real.

  • Joesph Carmichael 1 year ago

    fuc me

  • stephanie salinas 1 year ago

    Also 2 of my younger aunts met their husbands from nearby towns through online dating. Neither one is bad looking and constantly were asked out, but online dating is another means of meeting people you probably don't come across otherwise. One of my roommates met someone on POF she dated for a year and now they are living together. That is actually why I tried it.
    Recommend for serious people: OK Cupid(best beware responses of all ages) and POF (only issue is sometimes its slow responses) over Tinder(worst unless a hookup is youre goal)/friendable(sketch)/Happen(low response)/Bumble(not many users or options). Zoosk I heard good things but cost money to respond to people and it won't allow you to delete account to use it to attract people in. And if you pay theres no way to know who pays and who doesn't in order to respond to you. Christian Mingle and eharmony I can't afford but if you can probably better options.

  • stephanie salinas 1 year ago

    That's strange I've had dates one after the other and I only responded or sent messages to 10 males. I never got fake profiles actually all of my messages were pretty lengthy and legit verified content. Experience dating on these sites is better based on how you speak and present yourself I think like stating what needs to be respected and your morals. But out of precaution I video chat or have friends close by that know when and where my date is, and carry a knife too defend yourself. Common interest helps too I met my first love on POF this past May we both are Catholic, volunteer with youth services, enjoy seeing and making professional art work, college aged, deep thinker and wonderer and new at dating. It ended recently due to his inability to commit with justifiable reason. But don't regret making a good friend.