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I’m trying an organic fertilizer being developed by a friend of mine. This time, it’s a more concentrated product and I felt much more confident about the results. However, when using it in a hydroponic setup like I did the first time, I was disappointed at the results. Like most new ventures, this fertilizer is a work in progress. So I’ll be waiting for a revised version to give it another try. Advanced Nutrients Organic Brugmansia test grow with Chrissie at Chrissies Garden Hydroponics Portsmouth UK in a Nutriculture X-Stream propagator & IWS system from DGS. 100% Organic Hydroponics Related PostsOrganic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment Nov 2013Hydroponics and Soil Gardeners: Make liquid fertilizer from kitchen discards and weeds. Go organic!Hort Americas Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer Option – Terra Genesis and Terra BellaOrganic hydroponics growing chard, duckweed & lettuce. Using DIY liquid fertilizerOrganic Fertilizer and NPK what it is and how to calculate itYELLOW LEAVES ON HIBISCUS!! THIS BEST ORGANIC FERTILIZER WILL TURN LEAVES GREEN

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  • ShockTroop 1 year ago

    sir. I encourage you to study rocks. mineral rich rock dust should be all you need.?

  • sean craig 1 year ago

    How hot does it get in the green house…does the lettuce still grow in the high temperature? My water is getting close to 100 degrees in Hawaii.?

  • daniel de sousa 1 year ago

    Much love from South Africa MH. Your videos are awesome man!

    Quick question though:
    If I use the raft method for a 2m x 2m box in an indoor grow room, can I harvest on a weekly basis(planting new plants and harvesting from the same bed), without having to do water changes ? Am I not able to keep the ppm and ph monitored to the point that it is a continuous flow of replanting and harvesting in the same bed??

  • Cosmic Carrie 1 year ago

    ur like a mad scientist of hydroponics :)?

  • Nathan Deneault 1 year ago
  • Amit Arava 1 year ago

    after the 30 days the lettuce have been growing, how would I know what nutrients the water need for the next batch??

  • Steve Laubach 1 year ago

    Those tomatoes definitely show signs of nutrient deficiency (more than one nutrient probably).

  • Mike J 1 year ago

    I started this hobby last summer, spent $4-500 on liquid fertilizers.

  • iwantosavemoney 1 year ago

    sir god has bless you very much am hoping this summer to try and build me a green house and try to bless others. I really like the idea of having

  • Rick Monaco 1 year ago

    I believe you can use organic fertilizers in hydroponics but most people don't know how to.

  • Amerijam Acres 1 year ago

    Have you ever done or thought of doing aquaponics and showing a side by side comparison for us? I appreciate your efforts. Living where I do hydroponic fertalizer is cost prohibitive so I am working on aquaponics. Just started small but. Plan on expanding to use half of my 10 acres. Would love to hear what you think of aquaponics. ?

  • Peter Menningen 1 year ago

    It may be just the water only system as has been mentioned in other comments. You may try using a soil-less

  • Rusty Case 1 year ago

    Liquid fert should do better than powder…

  • astrialkil 1 year ago

    if its a natural fertilizer then he is probably using urea as the Nitrogen, its just like miracle grow all over again !?

  • Julian Kirby 1 year ago

    hmmmmm what about a smart pot with compost and perlite in it, on top of the dutch bucket? you might need to switch from perlite to hydroton

  • elanapetrovich 1 year ago

    Wow, that Masterblend is something else!?

  • triniman1219 1 year ago

    mhp what is the ec in the grow beds after u put the nutes??

  • Elementaldomain 1 year ago

    Don't know if I've mentioned this before, it I have, I apologize – LOL!

  • eric matson 1 year ago

    How does your greenhouse do in the winter??

  • TheMojoTribe 1 year ago

    you my friend, are high.?

  • Chrissies Garden 1 year ago

    Dont forget to subscribe to our you tube channel for our latest movies :)?

  • Chrissies Garden 1 year ago

    @TheFcasey hey thanks for the comments, the tracks are all made by the producer just for the movie so im not sure about track names as such.
    ill ask him & post
    all the best.chrissie.

  • fergus casey 1 year ago

    loving the video. by the way what is the tune that starts up at 4:07 its nice and chilled.

  • Hydroponics4Dummies 1 year ago

    Do sunspots affect solar electric systems?

  • HerbalixPro 1 year ago

    Do sunspots affect solar electric systems?

  • 01spg 1 year ago

    Chris loving the clips , your a legend mush .