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Follow this blog (many updates coming to the test!) at Sign up to win free Garden Towers right now here: This is a high quality, independent growth study underway by Fable Farms Indiana using multiple Garden Tower 2’s. Read the blog entry below: (Abridged excerpt from the blog:) With seeds of hope and dreams of food abundance, my wife, Andrea, and I purchased a 4.5 acre homestead, in south-central Indiana, this Spring. For fun, we’ve gardened together a few times before, at the apartments we’ve lived in and at our city-house (where we were the neighborhood weirdos, killing our grass to build garden beds). But most of our days were spent as research-academics and science-writers (I’m a political-economist and Andrea’s a neuroscientist), so jumping onto acreage has been a real eye-opener about just how hard it can be, to try to grow our own food. But why would we try to do that, in the first place? So, sure, we’re aware of Tesla’s latest innovations in electric cars, home battery banks, and solar roofing tiles. And we both lead grassroots nonprofits that fight for community rights and community decisionmaking power: Andrea, as president of the Center for Sustainable Living, and me, as chair of the Bloomington Food Policy Council. We’re still, clearly, all-hopped-up on hope that humanity will turn this ship around, get itself together, and make a future we can all live in…But, as critically-minded people and data-driven scientists, we’re not exactly holding our breath, that’s for sure. Why try to homestead and grow our own food? Well…we have a handful reasons. How did we get a homestead, with meager means? Well, we have some steady income right now and interest rates on mortgages still make some sense. So why not go for it? Anyway…As fate would […]

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  • Tanya Bishop 3 months ago

    Take a look at the Vegepod. I think you may look that self watering pod with a misting spray and a cover.

  • Tanya Bishop 3 months ago

    Great! It looks like it all came together for your family. I plan to use the Garden Tower for myself. Thanks

  • Malek zantout 3 months ago