Extremely High-Tech Indoor Farming Is On The Rise Now

No matter how strange the concept of indoor farming might seem to many people, it is really one of the best and ingenious methods when it comes to producing food plants in areas where arable land is unavailable or rare at the most. But what you will see in this video, is an extremely high-tech indoor farming system that is at another level. Watch the video to learn more…

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1. The Farming of The Future Is Here
2. Next Generation Indoor Farming Without Soil
3. Fish Plus Veggie Indoor Farm On A rooftop
4. Innovative Robotic indoor farming
5. Urban Vertical Farming At Another Level
6. Another Kind of Futuristic Indoor Farming
7. Using High Tech Indoor Farming System To Save The Earth

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Extremely High-Tech Indoor Farming Is On The Rise Now

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  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    Baby Alive used to fish idea
    You know you can put fish farms along the coast and just raise a bunch of fish and just let him go back out in the sea
    I know some people don't want people to eat meat or fish but technically you could eat them to when they're mature
    To each their own
    The one thing Peter Joseph was talking about with the vertical Gardens is he didn't talk about me but technically you can have fish farms in crate tons millions billions of fish
    Put them back out to sea and keep some of them too eat for a healthy diet fish are good
    I'm just saying
    Doesn't have to be cruel either
    Even if you don't need them you can put them back into the ocean
    Have abundance of life in the ocean once again
    My tomatoes are fishes mature
    Kind of decent healthy life
    It's okay to eat meat to a certain degree
    I just don't like but dont like abusive Animal Farms
    You don't need it to well eat it somebody deleted some type of fish a week the other fish
    Just don't catch the pregnant fish and don't catch the little fish Don't Lie the mature big ones
    People don't necessarily need to eat meat all the time either
    I know it's not all up to me
    Try to find ways to create high protein without needing meat or if it's just as efficient
    Can cockroaches have high protein if you can make some type of cockroach are mealworms and make it taste good
    and they're not unhealthy insects you can probably replace and they're not unhealthy insects you can probably replace meat with insects
    As long as they don't taste bad and as long as you know you're not going to get sick from it
    Cuz having a high protein diet it's not necessarily a bad thing just eating vegetables alone will be okay but I don't think it's enough I think we require at least protein it doesn't even matter how you do it as long as you can get it done
    So it's more efficient than eating animals
    And especially if you can make it taste good then there's no problem
    You can put them in the veggie burgers still taste like real Burgers yet it'll have the protein of a real burger or something like that without all the other side effects
    The different ways to do things be creative
    That way I don't have to hear vegans complain

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    Very smart of you
    I bet you if I learned about your entire set up your entire system I bet you I can find ways to make it even more efficient
    But you got to start somewhere
    Make sure you have an app
    When an output not an input that way it can be hacked
    People who work there people who are coordinated with in that facility has feedback all the time
    You know every Tanner every 20 minutes I can give you a report
    Or something you can have an offset that way you can shut down the internet and only one you need to make an output
    To provide to statistics to whoever needs it
    They can be done
    you may not need constant streaming me neither
    I'm just trying to find ways to maybe make things less hackable
    Not that anybody would necessarily want to hack that but
    Just got to be tons of little clever ideas
    For certain facilities
    Some systems may not need constant streaming in so you can have these little moments to where you can have outputs and inputs
    But at the same time you may want to have some offset
    Cuz if you leave certain things on running all the time it's easier to hack and if you only have it on and off for a quick moment it's possible to hack
    Like sometimes you just need an instant update or something like that you don't need to constantly be streaming anything unless you're watching TV or video games or something that's different though
    It's not the best idea but it may work for some businesses and wear whatever I mean like to turn business let's just say it may work for some facilities
    kind of like where you can have input and output but it's for a brief moment that way nobody can actually hack it because it's doesn't give him a long enough window
    just depends is not going to work on all facilities are all situations but for some people that may be able to use that idea
    It depends if you need real-time all the time or not
    In most cases you may not
    Game theory is fun but as long as people don't use it for bad
    Game theory is not necessarily a good thing it's usually considered a bad thing but it's just counter defense from what I mean
    My terminology with my perspective I should say
    Game theory for good more
    What you may be able to do is have a layered internet signal
    Kind of almost like a dummy internet that's running all the time but you have the real one in the background but it's not always accessible to the cloud
    you know if they hack it doesn't really cause much damage
    There's so many ideas
    And then there are some possibilities to make things not hackable ever however
    there's something really does happen you may not be able to get into your own server or whatever
    That's why most people need a back door for a shortcut
    I think that there are many different tricks to tone down the amount of hacking
    it's like the secretary opening up all the packages and if something goes wrong whelp sorry secretary…
    but I'm just using that as a metaphor it could be like a secretary AI that takes everything in figures it out fine if somebody's hacking and then your other servers are secured
    full documentary something like I said video games is a different subject because that's constantly streaming
    some things you may constantly keep streaming but you may not necessarily have to constantly keep streaming in any way would save some energy Maybe
    just play what ideas even if some of my ideas sound silly I don't know man you just got to think that all ideas are good
    But maybe once in a while you'll get a great idea
    where you take that nap so good idea and you make it great you find ways to make it better
    but that's just food but you know it's just a generalized idea
    all this came to my mind just looking at the Garden….
    I don't know sometimes
    why do you just pop in my head I don't know where they come from they just do