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Take a virtual tour of garden columnist Susan Mulvihill’s vegetable garden to see how everything is growing. From Susan’s in the Garden, Related PostsEveryone Can Grow A Garden 2018 #15: Vegetable Garden Tour (June)Everyone Can Grow a Garden (2018) #19 Vegetable Garden Tour – JulyEveryone Can Grow A Garden (2018) #28 Sept. Vegetable Garden TourVegetable Garden Tour #3: Everyone Can Grow a Garden (2019) #24Tour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMVegetable Garden Tour #1

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  • It'sInTheHeart 2 years ago

    I am so glad I found your channel! I live in Pullman, so my growing season is similar to yours (I think). Its cool to see what you have done in our area! I am in my 3rd year of (serious) gardening, and I love it! You are so correct when you say that things are just a mystery, and to try again! Last year my cucumbers were incredible, this year, I couldn't even get them going! (darn cutworms!) However, this year I have a tomato jungle, but struggled last year! I just take it as a learning experience, and use the winter months to research what I did wrong (and right)! Do you plant your celery seed directly into the ground in the spring? I have heard it is difficult to transplant. I had a hard time getting it going. This year was my first try. Thanks for your videos, I hope to learn more in the future!

  • Michael Tette 2 years ago

    This is so helpful to me! I don't have a green thumb yet! Great tips on the tomato garden. I'm in NY and my weather is a little more volatile but this is all great stuff.

  • larieta fort 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing..Great garden..Your garden looks like you have at least 2 full time gardeners working daily..LOVELY !!

  • shayne caesar 2 years ago

    thank you so much. Really really really really really appreciate you sharing the video on your garden. It's a good quality video. As well as encouraging. All the colors are so vibrant. And everything looks healthy. I like to ask a question about your carrots how did you start them and keep weeds from growing up with them that's my first question.

  • Old Gardener Guy - Finland 2 years ago

    Hello from Finland. You have a very impressive garden there. Our season has been blighted by cold wet weather, so we are disadvantaged as to what crops we can grow… mostly potatoes , onions and a variety of brassicas. In the past I have grown tomatoes outside but our season is so short that they never become red. This year I have a small poly tunnel and I am growing Alaskan varieties in the hope I get some red tomatoes.

  • Khai Lam 2 years ago

    Just found your channel. Looks great! What zone are you in?

  • Sylvia Bradley 2 years ago

    I am growing zucchini for the first time and it is beautiful..

  • Molly Smith 2 years ago

    Loved the tour of your garden, Susan. Thank you! You are blessed with a great space. Carrots and parsnips haven't germinated well for me this year. Your carrots look awesome. I'm watching the garlic daily, it is just about time to pull them out which is ahead of schedule for me. Usually it is 'in on October 15 and out on July 15'. The variety I grow is 'Music' from Territorial Seed Co. and they are huge every year, as big as elephant garlic in the grocery store. What do you plan to put in after your shelling peas? Your corn looks wonderful. We finally had a tiny bit of success growing corn in a big pot with store-bought soil. Can't grow it in-ground here because no matter how many years I wait, we still have corn smut in the soil and it is very disappointing. We are on the Northside in the Salk neighbourhood, in case you have heard of anybody else in the area with this problem.