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View full lesson: Bees have been rapidly and mysteriously disappearing from rural areas, with grave implications for agriculture. But bees seem to flourish in urban environments — and cities need their help, too. Noah Wilson-Rich suggests that urban beekeeping might play a role in revitalizing both a city and a species. (Filmed at TEDxBoston.) Talk by Noah Wilson-Rich. Related PostsHoney bees on roof of Brown Palace provide ‘liquid gold’Four Seasons Boston – Organic Honey From Our Green Roof Bee HivesHealthy City – Prof. Chris Webster:Fever: 1793 – The Healthy CityWhat is a Healthy City? Festival of Health sessionA Healthy City for All: Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy

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  • Steven Smith 6 months ago

    this guy a gay faggot

  • falconsito 6 months ago

    Speaking words of wisdom, let it BEE.

  • Shawn. Smith 6 months ago

    My guess would be that in the city the are garbage cans filled with leftover pop which is sugar. (Practically everywhere) So they collect it and make the honey. They may be making more honey but the quality would be poor compared to country made honey

  • frepi 6 months ago

    He's the guy narrating the honeybadger video

  • TamsosPadaras 6 months ago

    Also, bees will make you eat healthy… cause you will not dare to eat or drink sweet things where bees are around, unless you want to attract them 😀

  • timpanik 6 months ago

    as if the bow tie wasn't already telling us, right?

  • Rhys Whymark 6 months ago

    Why does the video title feel the need to tell me that Noah Wilson is rich? :/

  • Terraqueous 6 months ago

    *Every place needs healthy honeybees
    Even Antarctica lol why not

  • Vegard Løknes 6 months ago

    Perhaps there is more CO2 in the city's and the plants are working harder and there is more to do for the bees?

  • RedReversed 6 months ago

    Great presentation, now I want a beehive

  • Sam Allen 6 months ago

    sounds like 'big gay al' :O

  • jedidiah72 6 months ago

    Good talk and cute guy..

  • G33KST4R 6 months ago

    The scientific part of my brain is like "Yes. Yes, quite good. We do need healthier and more bees." But the girly part is like "EWWWWWWWWWW, BEEEEESSS!!!"

  • XossRoads 6 months ago

    Love this presentation. And he's cute… 😛

  • Eugen Afanasjev 6 months ago

    Where I live we have also huge (up to inch and a half) hornets.
    And they are never friendly!

  • Giorgos Filippas 6 months ago

    Yes, it is a great idea, but non polluting cars like electric are essensial for the health and quality of the honey. We need more environmentally friendly cities first, so we can put bees in them.

  • Rex Saleng Dullit 6 months ago

    Wow! I have been watching a lot of TED videos before. This is my first time to stand and clap my hands. Awesome presentation!

  • Economics Coffee 6 months ago

    Got Honey?

  • Jamie Taylor 6 months ago

    He sounds like a slightly more masculine Jack McBreyer.

  • Patrick 6 months ago

    the number one reason i hate bees… they look like wasps