Evergreen bonsai, such as boxwood, ficus, cypress and fir bonsai, are bonsai that have the great advantage of being green all year round. This category of plants often does not produce large blooms but has a notable presence and is able to always ensure color in the house. Discover in this list all the evergreen bonsai plants.

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  • Pruning ficus bonsai

    ficus bonsai
    Are you a bonsai lover? A beautiful plant to keep at home to decorate your rooms could be the ficus bonsai! Find out how to take care of it!

  • ficus ginseng

    ficus ginseng
    In this sheet everything you need to know about the cultivation of ficus ginseng from the ground to the watering passing one by one all the cultivation tips

  • Bonsai ficus microcarpa

    bonsai ficus microcarpa
    The Ficus Microcarpa bonsai needs, like any other plant, an a

  • Olive tree bonsai

    olive tree bonsai
    Care and details to have a beautiful olive tree bonsai and be able to grow this plant without problems

  • bonsai carmona

    bonsai carmona
    Carmona Bonsai, also called Fukien tea or Korean tea, is a small evergreen plant, or

  • Olive tree – Olea europea

    Olive tree Bonsai
    Evergreen plant native to the Mediterranean basin, with small elongated oval colored leaves

  • Ficus bonsai

    ficus bonsai
    The ficus bonsai can be considered as one of the indoor bonsai par excellence. It is about

  • Cypress – Cupressus

    Cypress bonsai
    Family of conifers, generally evergreen, originating from the eastern Mediterranean, spread to all

  • Cherry bonsai

    cherry bonsai
    Like most fruit bonsai, the cherry bonsai prefers bright and sunny areas

  • Juniper bonsai

    juniper bonsai
    Plant belonging to the group of conifers, the juniper bonsai looks like a particular species

  • Bonsai ficus ginseng

    Bonsai ficus ginseng
    Discover the characteristics of the ficus ginseng bonsai to learn all the cultivation secrets of this plant

  • Azalea – Azalea japonica

    Azalea japonica bonsai
    shrub native to Japan, widespread in Europe and North America, with small oval green leaves

1 2 3 4 sort by: relevance

  • persistence of leaves
  • leaf type
  • type of plant

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Evergreen Bonsai tips

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