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On Wednesday I met my nieces & nephew at my mom’s house to put together our Fairy Gardening Kit. They had a great time and really enjoyed small scale of the garden. Fairy gardening is a fantastic way to engage kids and get them excited about gardening, and it’s educational too! Here’s a video we made of the process. To find a Fairy Gardening kit in your area head on over to their website: If no greenhouse in your area carries them, send their contact information to Fairy Gardening, or ask them to carry them. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsQ and A #2 – Building Muscle and Gardening Gloves | School of CalisthenicsMy Fairy Garden Magical Cottage لعبة الزراعة ألعاب بناتKids Go To School | Chuns With Best Friends Play In Fairy Garden The Children’s City ToysKids Go To School | Chuns With Best Friends Revelry In Fairy Garden The Children’s City ToysKids Go To School | Chuns and Best Friends Play Fun Picnic In Fairy Garden Children’s Toys CityMy Fairy Garden Magical Cottage Playset – Indoor Fairy Garden Kit – Enjoy!

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  • Shannon Elizabeth 4 years ago

    You can find them at McNaughton's gardening

  • ThePulliprox 4 years ago

    its ok… thank you

  • ethelgloves 4 years ago

    Sorry for the late reply – you can find Fairy Gardening kits at various local retailers. Check the Fairy Gardening website to find one in your area.

  • ThePulliprox 4 years ago

    where can i get this fairy kit

  • Darlene Taylor 4 years ago

    soo cute…love the family and the Fairy Garden. Hope i win it, I will invite my neighbor Braxton to help 🙂