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  • Steve JoJ

    I haven’t searched for anyone before so it would be my first time doing this, i think it would be exciting since lately i got into a bad breakup and i just need someone to help me get back on my feet and help me feel more confident in myself

  • Mr. Nobody

    Knowing my luck, I'd get a fucking cop

    Prostitution is only illegal at the state and local level. There are no Federal laws about it.

    Personally, if I were President, I would want to see federally operated and regulated brothels. That way, everybody knows they will be safe there, and all that tax money can balance the goddamned budget.

    Off limits to all Government employees and officials

  • Geffrey Bolster

    Wow! I just saw this. You re an ACE! A real person, woman and everything in between. To meet someone like you, one way or the other, , yeah. A dream really. Your 'impromptu' appearance doesn t detract from , , you! Talk about beauty is, as is , IS appearance (your beauty emanates from within and then is your appearance beauty) ,. Presence .

    What about cautioning against someone who comes to ones home and then contacts an associate to return and commit robbery? That kind of thing?

  • Zardoz Your God

    If you google escorts red bluff ca you get a phony page with links to dating sites. I found one escort that looks legit and has a phone number but never answers her phone or e-mails. I have suffered like this for 20 years alone now and I'm an attractive successful guy. For 20 years women cut me off from sex and I can't even pay for it which is pathetic at 59. How can I find an escort?

  • Hyena Von

    Are there any sites exclusive for wealthy men that can pay $3000 for short time? I had a bad experience on EROS, as I was coming another client was leaving. Super awkward.

  • Brandon Steward

    It annoys me when I make initial contact with a provider and they give me address and after driving for 40 minutes to their location, they do not answer as soon as I get there.

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