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Vital role in flower blooms || How to use Epsom salt in garden plants || Epsom Salt use in plants || Gardening Tips || Magnesium Sulfate Epsom salt is magnesium Sulfate it increases nutrient absorption. The salt approved for used organic gardening and kitchen garden. The salt to grow plants roots take up vital nutrients like nitrogen phosphorus. It is not salt but a naturally occurring minerals compound of magnesium and sulfate. The salt is one of the nutrients for plants that need to grow. But it is a minor nutrient that means do not use too much. Benefits of Epsom salt: It helps to keep foliage greener plants. The salt helps to increase chlorophyll production.It is deficiency can be spotted by the yellow leaves. It can help yellowing plants in to greener foliage and healthy plants. It helps seeds germination and can be increased after germination. It helps the plants to overcome transplant shock. It helps to prevent leaf curling. The Salt Work in Vital Role Beautiful Flowering Like Jasmine,Rose,Hibiscus And Bougainvillea etc.And Also Use Vegetables Like Tomato, Chili Pepper, Bell Pepper etc. If you use the salt gardening it can help your plants to create sweeter fruits and more flavor fruits and vegetable. It is specially used before planting and after reached their flowering stage. The salt can help to deter pest’s likes slugs and snails. #EpsomSalt #epsomsaltuseinplants #GardenTips – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

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  • House of Hirsch 11 months ago

    Can I do this along with the banana peel fertilizer?

  • magesh ashir 11 months ago

    Thanks brother useful tips

  • Diane B 11 months ago

    Will definitely try this. I know it is great to soak your feet in.. I do

  • maria eugenia espinosa vallejo de serna 11 months ago

    Thanks a lot.!

  • Lalitha Sajjan 11 months ago

    Sir,where shall I get this Epsom salt?

  • Theda Renee Williams 11 months ago

    I did the bananas peel compost in my plants loved it!
    Thank you

  • Theda Renee Williams 11 months ago

    Hi friend, this is Renee. From beautiful Tucson Arizona USA!.
    thank you for another wonderful healthy tip for our beautiful plants

  • katherine smith 11 months ago

    Heyvthanks gor this one! Im working on my first year in my current garden and i have it tilled! I live in the south and we have so much sand! Been working stuff into the ground for a while now so that eventually i dont have to till it!

  • Parrish N 11 months ago

    Agriculture is not natural…… so I use both based on needs.

  • Elizabeth Kanyua 11 months ago

    When you do no till, do you get to a point where your raised beds are overflowing?

  • sebastian stewart 11 months ago

    No till deals with mycelium.

  • Randy DeShane 11 months ago

    Would the no till method work in grow bags and other containers? Throwing the soil mixtures away every few years gets expensive.

  • Randolph Sloan 11 months ago

    Do you think adding sand to clay is best then add compost on top.

  • Skyler Prophet 11 months ago

    Hey, I’ve watched a few of your videos and love your down to earth approach. One thing I think is worth mentioning in regards to this video is pioneer plants. You can within several months to a year of introducing pioneer plants to poor soil facilitate some pretty serious change. With a combination of deep rooted soil breaking plants, nitrogen/phosphorus accumulators, and the like the clay begins to loosen up in a big way without much hard work. The easiest way is to grow “weeds” first, and then cut or tarp/sheet mulch over those depending on your preference and it’s amazing how once inhospitable soil becomes so rich with life

  • MrKevMan 11 months ago

    It's proven that repeated plowing and tilling destroys the soil. It should be demonized.

  • Matthew Adkins 11 months ago

    Incredibly helpful! Thanks for the balanced and well-organized explanation. This really cleared up some questions I've been working through as I decide how best to prep my beds for planting.

  • Scott Head - Black Gumbo 11 months ago

    Appreciate this balanced approach to thinking about gardens. Too many folks out there berate each other for not doing it "right" when they have no idea of the goals or obstacles faced by others. Appreciate your channel, its been very instructive.

  • Alex Novello 11 months ago

    This is great info- thanks so much. How do you add fertilizer to your garden in a no-till garden?

  • Sean Wall 11 months ago

    Hello, thank you for this tutorial ! I'm going to build raised- beds & wanted to know about wether or not to empty bed in fall & add to compost or just add more organic soil ! T.y.

  • Paul Kenyon 11 months ago

    The only way to achieve true soil health is through no-till. I started double digging in 1989 and finally gave up on it in 2012 once I finally got it through my thick skull that topsoil formation is impossible in a tilled garden. Since going no-till my soil is constantly improving and is in far better shape than it ever was double digging.

  • Brendan Hall 11 months ago

    I thought you were going to show us how to till.

  • Little Jordan Farm 11 months ago

    Thank you Luke. I am on of those southern states with alot of clay. My advantage for where my garden will be now that we bought more land is. We done alot of clearing in the area the garden will be and it had alot of organic matter from near by trees and is beside a spring/creek. So alot of the soil is black already. But we will have to plow next couple yrs. to get it all mixed in good and add more compost. I raise chickens and goats so I'm good there. I'd love to hear you talk and teach more on this subject though. Love to learn all I can. Anyways thanks again pray your family is good, blessings

  • Yao Lin 11 months ago

    Thanks for the info. If you are no till, what are you going to do with Tomato or cover crops (beans, peas, oats) at the end of the season? Don't you have to till or dig to remove those plants?

  • gtrwndr87 11 months ago

    Do you have any tips for preparing fallow ground for cultivation? I have an area of my backyard that is overrun with bermudagrass with a massive carpet of runners running all over the place. It's just prohibitively difficult to pull out.

  • Dave Finney 11 months ago

    Thank you for the info on tilling vs no till.

  • Ashley Petersen 11 months ago

    THANK YOU for stating the benefits of both and that different circumstances can call for the different methods. Its refreshing to hear instead of bad-mouthing or having a one-approach-fits-all way of thinking.