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Find out the truth about Epsom salts in the garden. This video reviews all of the claimed benefits of using Epsom salts in the garden and weeds out the myths. Become a better gardener, Subscribe: Share with a friend: ———————– Free Stuff: Free Garden eBook: 24 1/2 Garden Design Ideas: 24 1/2 Garden Design Ideas ———————– My Books: Garden Myths: Garden Myths – Book 1 Building Natural Ponds: Building Natural Ponds – The Book ———————— Free Resources: Garden Fundamentals Blog – lots of gardening information: Garden Fundamentals Facebook Group: My Garden Myths Blog: Building Natural Ponds Facebook Group: ———————– Recommended Playlists Seed Germination – Everything you need to know: Garden Myths: ———————– Epsom Salt Myths – learn the truth about using it in the garden [new research] Find out the truth about Epsom salts in the garden. This video reviews all of the claimed benefits of using Epsom salts in the garden and weeds out the myths. The following claims are discussed: – it is a great fertilizer – it will make plants grow better – Epsom salts deters pests and cures diseases. – makes fruit taste sweeter – speeds up the decay of stumps – Epsom salts is an excellent soil additive for roses List of Credits: Images: Package of Epsom salts: Nitrogen deficient tomato leaf: Blossom End Rot: Mildew: Bathtub: All other slides belong to or are public domain images. Music: Kevin Macleod: Video Rating: / 5 Today I”m sharing my succulent tips for beginners including the best way to repot succulents. These plants live primarily indoors with me, so I made certain to use a lighter soil. Gardening is not an activity only available in the summer. Working with plants indoors allows us to […]

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  • Garden Fundamentals 10 months ago

    Join us at our Facebook Group to discuss all kinds of gardening information

  • Heart Breaker 10 months ago

    Wrong Epsom salt is great for your body. The body fully absorbs magnesium in 40 minutes. It helped alot for fibromyalgia pains. Helps greatly with muscle knots and helps in the depleting of calcium of the bones. Yes it does… Can do this by diluting 1/2 of water and Epsom salt in low simmering pot till dissolve let cool in a spray bottle. You can add peppermint oil a few drops for extra muscle pain relief. You can use it before bed time where muscle hurts. Or let your whole body absorb it by doing a foot soak in a small tub. Let salts dissolve in hot water. For at least 30 minute soak. It really works wonders. Also doing fresh ginger tea every day then every other day will stop inflammation, aches and pains. Cleanses your system too. Tumeric does too. Avoid coffee, refined foods, starches and sugars to stop aches and pains and inflammation! Eat dark green leaves it has magnesium. Keeps your body in an alkaline state.

  • LARRY'S BRAIN 10 months ago

    yeah… I have 5gal. buckets, which were enriched w/ epsom. Those plants are struggling. Adversely, my no-dig compost mulched raised beds, atop clay soil, are doing wonderfully. I love Pilarchik's passion, but, I think, that successful gardening doesn't have to be a fertilizer race. I'v since adopted Dowding's simplistic methods of good compost, atop ordinary clay which is mycorrhizally abundant- no comparison. Still evolving! I like Pavlis' work, too. He's like the James Randi of gardening.

  • Linda J 10 months ago

    Wonderful episode, Patty. Can you tell me the names of the classical pieces and who performed them? I'd like to find them. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Dr. Tracey Marks 10 months ago

    Boy you are every woman! Gardening too? I love succulents

  • Kathy Tincler 10 months ago

    Good job…and with narrative, too. I love that planter. I'm a container gardener as physically I've never been able to put boot to shovel but have made wonderful gardens with every cool & interesting container I could find. I'm in your camp about a few stones for drainage & not overcrowding pots. Nice work, Patty