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In this video I have given a fairly detailed explanation on how the magnesium and sulphur found in Epsom Salt gets used by your plants. I have also given TOP 5 uses of EPSOM SALT to use it on your plants. Check out Gord and Susan Brockerville’s garden in Marystown, and what they say are the benefits of starting your own garden at home! Related PostsEpsom Salt Use in Gardening Plants || Benefits in Gardening, Plants and Soil || Organic gardeningEPSOM SALT IN GARDENING | Benefits in Gardening. Plants and soil | Globe GreenersEPSOM SALT IN GARDENING | Benefits in Gardening, Plants and Soil | Garden Tips in EnglishHow to use charcoal in gardening | Benefits of charcoal on plants & soilALUM IN GARDENING – Benefits or Uses of Alum on Plants and Garden – Aluminum Soil AmendmentKONSE PLANTS PE EPSOM SALT SPRAY/SOIL APPLICATION Kre

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  • Seema Juneja 4 weeks ago

    Mam can we have kitchen gardening training and from where

  • Habiba Umme 4 weeks ago

    I have many problems of plant how can I ask from you?

  • Shailendra Singh 4 weeks ago

    Very very nice video mam
    Moradabad up

  • Chanda moorjani 4 weeks ago

    Hii mam ye kis time p dena hai evening ya morning

  • idress73 4 weeks ago

    Does we use Epsom salt on indoor plants?

  • Pushpa Vaishnav 4 weeks ago

    Madam ji epsom salt sendha namak hota hai kya ?
    Plz bataye

  • Dhanmeet Kaur 4 weeks ago

    Ilaji your videos are very crisp and informative
    Please explain more about mulching
    As my plants are in full sun for 6 to 8 hrs in the balcony
    By evening they are absolutely dry

  • sukla halder 4 weeks ago

    #askilasharma. How to recognise edible aloe Vera plant.

  • Shubhs Talwar 4 weeks ago

    Can we use epsom salt in areca palms

  • gita badhwar 4 weeks ago

    #ilasharma . How should I save my oxalis bulbs . If I leave it in the pot do I need to water it regularly ?

  • Sakshi Bansal 4 weeks ago

    Full of information about the uses of Epsom Salt in a comprehensive manner. Looking forward to more such videos. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. #AskIlaSharma : Does Epsom Salt have an expiry date.
    #AskIlaSharma Please suggest the frequency at which various manures and fertilizers are to be put in plants. For instance, we are supposed to put Epsom Salt fortnightly and liquid manure (neem khali+ bone meal) also fortnightly. Then there is banana peel fertiliser, vermicompost and others. Please suggest ideal sequencing of putting fertilizers, manures, home based fertilisers and foliar spray as per season, flowering and fruiting time and others. Request you to also share a video on this. Thank you

  • Shruti Jadhav 4 weeks ago

    Did not know about Epsom salt usage against slugs and snails. Thank u so much for this more humane control method for these pests.

  • Mr. Rai 4 weeks ago

    Seculants & cactus me use kar sakete ha?

  • Mr. Rai 4 weeks ago

    Volume clear nahe ha madam ge

  • poonam garga 4 weeks ago

    Good uses of epsom

  • Ishant Mehra 4 weeks ago

    Mam kya Epsom salt kabhi khrab ho jata hai?? Maine 2 kg liya tha but abhi wo hard ho chuka hai, can I use that?