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Todays video is on Epsom Salt in gardening and the benefits of epsom salt in garden plants and soil with great garden tips in english. Epsom salt, chemically Magnesium Sulphate is an easily available inexpensive naturally occurring mineral salt that has a variety of home remedy and even medical applications. In this Video, am gonna list out the top 5 uses of Epsom salt in gardening. Get ESPOM SALT 1 kg HERE: Auto Pump Pressure Spray Can: 1. Seed Germination: Magnesium is proven to help in seed germination and helps to strengthen strengthening the cell walls, leading to much stronger seedlings. The formula here is make a solution of 1 teaspoons of Epsom salt in 1 liter of water and spray on the solution about two to three times on your seedling tray. 2. Improve Foliage: Meaning increase the greenery of your leaves or lawn grass. Magnesium is an essential component in the production of chlorophyll which is the green pigment in plants. Just sprinkle the salt around your plant soil like about 1 or 2 teaspoons every month or so. 3. Prevent Leaf Curling which is due to magnesium deficiency. For this sprinkle some Epsom salt around the soil or for quicker results make a solution of 1 or 2 teaspoons in 1 litre of water and spray it on the leaves directly – that’s called Foliar Feeding. 4. Transplant Shock: When we do repotting of a plant, the roots invariably face what is called as transplant shock. Just water the plant with the same magnesium sulphate solution to counter this problem. 5. Nutrient Absorption: Magnesium is a component of many commercial fertilizer products because it facilitates the roots to uptake or absorb vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, etc. 6. Garden Pests like Slugs and snails […]

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    This is see solar?

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    Thank you for your precious advise

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    very very useful information. Thank you for the video

  • Sandesh Goswami 1 year ago

    sir it is not epsion salt we can not use in plant

  • Sandesh Goswami 1 year ago

    sir when we touch epsion salt we feel moisture from it

  • Sandesh Goswami 1 year ago

    can you how epsion salt look

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    That's amazing , but what if we haven't that salt ,are there any alternative to it ?

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    Can we use it in all plants?