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Today awesome garden talk about Epsom salt benefit in gardening Video Rating: / 5 Did you know that Milk can be good for your garden and use of milk in gardening can work as a fertilizer and help get rid of plant diseases like powdery mildew and viruses. To know more about this and the exact recipe to use in gardening watch this entire video on how to use milk in garden soul as a fertilizer. Firstly, we shall talk about the benefits of milk in gardening and then in the end about the recipe and how to use it on your plants. 1. Firstly, its use as a FERTILIZER – Milk contains calcium, beneficial proteins, vitamin B and sugars that are good for plants, improving their overall health and crop yields. SO treatment of calcium deficiency in plants with milk spray. 2. Used as a quick remedy for Blossom End Rot (BER) commonly seen in tomato and pepper and spraying milk on the plant leaves helps a lot – that’s called foliar feeding. This Blossom end rot is due to lack of calcium either in the soil or a defect in the plant system to uptake calcium from soil. 3. Milk has been used as an effective antifungal agent, specially in the prevention of powdery mildew. 4. Milk has been used in pesticide applications, especially for aphids. And also milk has been effective in reducing the transmission of mosaic leaf viruses such as tobacco mosaic. There are certain drawbacks of using milk in garden, like: 1. Excessive use of milk can help harmful bacteria to multiply and spoil the plant producing a foul odour and then poor plant growth. 2. Rarely it can induce plant rot and some leaf spots if used inadvertently. But, whatever, the benefits are a […]

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  • Thaha Maricar 8 months ago

    Very good information keep it up Rakesh sr.Thank you so much.

  • Law Singh 8 months ago

    आम मे use कर सकते है क्या।

  • Sunita Poorvi 8 months ago

    sir epsom salt ka use calanchoe me kr skte he ya nahi

  • Feroze Rayeen 8 months ago

    इसे भिंडी और बैगन मे भी इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं क्या ?

  • Anshu Verma 8 months ago

    Very useful!!!

  • Deepti Bhatia 8 months ago

    sir ye eaisly kha milega….

  • nipa shah 8 months ago


  • nipa shah 8 months ago

    Organic futilaizer use Kiya hoo to bhi kyaa ye salt use kar sate hee
    Pls kindly send your valuable Reply..

  • yasmine sultana 8 months ago

    namaste, meri gardenia ka patte yellow ho raha hain, please boliye

  • Kamlesh Swarup 8 months ago

    Aik to supperGold khad,sik Shaktiman khad,ye dono kale powder hai or aik safed powder hai jisme smell si aati hai.unke anusar inse kide mar jate hain.rooting achchi hoti hai or soil upjaoo hoti hai.Yadi epsom salt or zaim or gobar khad daal sakte hon to kitna aik gamle main dali jayegi.

  • Kamlesh Swarup 8 months ago

    Nuurserywale jo powder dalte hain uske saath zaim ,epsom salt ,gobar khad daal sakte hai kya ?pedon ko koi nuksan to nahi hoga

  • Abdul Hafeez 8 months ago

    Rakesh can we use apsom salt in pomegranate plant & all other fruit plants

  • Fun The Mental 8 months ago

    Zabardast jankari di hai aapne, thanx a lot

  • Sunil Kumar 8 months ago

    Thank's sir

  • Sukta Bose 8 months ago

    Thank. You sir

  • Sukta Bose 8 months ago

    Nice vidio rose plant par tea lefe gobar khad ke sat dey sakte hey

  • Roshan Aara Khan koi 8 months ago

    Very nice video sar ji mere mirchi ke aur tamatar ke aur bhindi ke pode ki pttiyan mud gai hai mene in me PRIMO SUPER . 440 dawa ko sprey kiya hai fir bhi nhi tik huva to kiya unko nikal dun do bar mene lagai mirchi tamatar ke par wo chhota podha hota hai tabhi bimari lag jati hai kiya karun batay

  • pramod kumar 8 months ago

    Namaste ji sari vejiteble me daal sakta hoon ki nahi? Or saare flawer me ye bhi baty please

  • Seema Rajawat 8 months ago

    desi gudhal me flower nahi aa rahe h…. koe upaay bataye…. flowers aane k liye….

  • SHIKHA CHAUHAN 8 months ago

    sr mne online rose climbing seeds purchase kiye h plz ap btaiye ink liye coco peat vermiculite perlite ka mix thik rhega

  • Swarna Lata 8 months ago

    Sir Can we use raw milk without boiling ???

  • DotWeb 8 months ago

    Wow Milk in garden soil easy hack for any one . Thanks!

  • Philippine Islands Adventure -Milo A FILIPINA Expat 8 months ago

    Sub #2,446….luv'd all these ideas…I've no clue…great to know…ran into your channel…super interesting…would luv to learn more as I grow into this channels…thnx for subbing back…

  • Marilynkefirlady 8 months ago

    I make way more kefir than I can possibly drink. So 4 gallons of diluted kefir go on my hay field and Lawn everyday. It is great fertilizer. Even if the grass gets burnt the first few days, after a rain the grass grows two or three times faster than the surrounding areas. And much greener.

  • Nazima Nafees 8 months ago

    Sir can you have hack of fast growing money plant in water

  • Viji Iyer 8 months ago

    Will milk and buttermilk attract ANTS and small insects

  • Sherry Thakur 8 months ago

    thanks for reply

  • Sherry Thakur 8 months ago

    hlo sr Ji I can't understand pls explained dilute

  • Sherry Thakur 8 months ago

    hlo sr Ji can we use waste milk that we use in making paneer

  • Pankaj Doharey 8 months ago

    WoW this is a GKVK video. Very Nice!!!

  • Nazima Nafees 8 months ago

    Thanks bro….

  • Nazima Nafees 8 months ago

    After applying milky fergilizer,then when we have to apply orgenic or chemical spray and fertilizer.

  • mironyuk 8 months ago

    Hey people.. I tried milking my plants.. kills them everytime. No joke. This movie is BS

  • Nazima Nafees 8 months ago

    Wow..its a new method. Can milk use in flowers plants also

  • orchid smile 8 months ago

    Milk or butter milk ?!!

  • How To Grow 8 months ago

    Nice jee