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Epic Yard Farm – Garden Tour Spring 2015 – Phoenix & Tempe Arizona Here’s the Epic Yard Farm Facebook Page: Here’s the Epic Yard Farm YouTube Channel: Join My New Online Gardening School for at (Scroll to the Bottom) Let’s Garden Together Online. My New Gardening Online School is a month or a year at Check Out & ORDER Our Gardening Supplies & Tree Food HERE: Hit the “Like” button, Click “SUBSCRIBE”, Comment Below, and Share this Video! Friend me on Facebook at Check out my website at Email me at: Check out my other YouTube channels at: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMy Garden Tour – Phoenix, Arizona 2015 – Edible & Tropical TREESArizona Garden Tour – Over 200 Fruit Trees on 1/3 Acre – Spring 2016Amazing Edible Garden – Harvesting Rainwater in Phoenix, ArizonaSummer Garden in Phoenix Arizona 2013My Favorite Nursery in Phoenix, Arizona for a Vegetable Garden!“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic Gardening

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  • Angela Mckeown 1 year ago

    you are hilarious!

  • Tim Baxter 1 year ago

    Sweet garden dude.
    What do you use for compost? Do you not use any animal product for compost? Or fossil fuel based fertilizers?

  • Eva Dymond 1 year ago

    i think the owner is filipino so i will find out as i finnish watching the vid.

  • Денис TV 1 year ago

    Какой красивый дом! Какая милая черепаха!! Вы супер!!!!

  • Sharon Day 1 year ago

    This is awesome – you have inspired me greatly growing here in Phoenix area.

  • Lychee Chao 1 year ago

    Wow!!! nice!!!

  • Robert Castro 1 year ago

    Can you show us how you would take a branch from a tree and replant it? Or is it literally just grab a branch, regardless of size and where it's located on the tree, and plant it as is?

  • VeganAthlete 1 year ago

    Join My New Online Gardening School for $5 at
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    Let's Garden Together Online.  My New Gardening Online School is $5 a month or $50 a year at

  • Lucio Angelini 1 year ago

    Hi Jack. I will probably visit the Sonoran Desert next September. Could you suggest me some unmissable things to do there?

  • Summer Davis 1 year ago

    How do you deal with the scorpions on your date tree?

  • Nathan McCoy 1 year ago

    using metal to let the plant grow up on will cause the plant to get burned from the heat that is transfered from the metal when the sun hits it. you will literally bake the plant to death. 5:25

  • Christine Beauchamp 1 year ago

    Thank you Jake!!   What about scorpions and such. . . are they a problem in the garden?  That would be one surprise find I would not want. . .

  • Anita Walters 1 year ago

    I like the taste of the bloom of the Nasturtium plant better than the leaf.

  • Nikolas Hoyt 1 year ago

    This was a truly inspiring video!  What a great way to showcase a beautiful growing community! I can't wait to share this video with some of my classmates!

  • Jeff Adams 1 year ago

    great stuff; all of these videos..unfortunately, was not able to make your last event…I think I live within a mile of you in Tempe…have had my yard featured a couple times over the years…my emphasis is more on natives & unique herbs & some exotics; some minor permaculture techniques..I have close to 500 plants w/ certified wildlife, native & monarch habitats…some unique food, let by 7-8 YO Spice Zee Nectaplum; pluots, little leaf mulberry; though lost my female fruiting variety (amazing fruit)…would love to see your yard some time..

  • Powell Gammill 1 year ago

    Garden Pool it, don't terrace it.  Vegetarian not a problem, use your Koi water. 
     Assuming Pam didn't kill you for suggesting removing the pool.

  • VeganAthlete 1 year ago

    My Next Gardening Event is Saturday April 11th at 8am in Tempe!  Here's the EVENT: Please JOIN in!  Special Guest Host…..Shamus O'Leary's Tropical Fruit Trees​!!! :)