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Subscribe to TwinVSTwin for More Fun! ► Welcome to Our New and Improved Channel!! Here the Twins will compete in Fun challenges against each other!! In this First episode, it’s Twin Vs Twin in a football challenge (Tekkerz Kid is the ref). Which kid will win today?? You can now send Fan mail to Our NEW PO Box address Send to: PO Box 17235 BIRMINGHAM B18 9HD Just Label it “Twin Town” & We’ll be putting the things you send us into our videos!! Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningTekkerz Kid & Romello vs The Dad | HAIR DYE FORFEIT Football ChallengeOMG!! REAL MADRID KIT RUINED?? | EPIC Cleaning Challenge | Tekkerz KidEPIC GARDEN CHALLENGES VS BRO & THE DAD | THE REMATCH!!Easy Crafts with Kids – Kids Garden Craft ChallengeBetter Homes and Gardens – DIY $1000 Challenge: kid’s bedroom makeover

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