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The final in a series of six episodes of HydroShow, the World’s only Hydroponics Magazine TV show – educating the masses on how to use hydroponics, hydroponic systems, plant nutrition and indoor lighting for horticulture. This episode was first broadcast on 16th December 2013. In this episode of Hydroshow, we find out the results of the first Hydroshow grow test: soil versus hydroponics versus aeroponics. The girls make some Eliooo style Hydroponic systems in the last Presenter Challenge. Grow Supplies of Newcastle give us their attempt of a Hydroponic Megaroom, we get soime quick tips from NPK technology in Liverpool where Thomas also shows us some home made deep water culture dripper systems. And we take a look at new ballast technology with Steve from Sol Digital. All this plus another competition and more on the worlds only Hydroponics TV Show. This is a remixed version of Hydroshow Episode 6 as broadcast on Sky TV on 10th June 2013. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponics Halifax | Homemade Hydroponic SystemsHydroponic Farming System | Hydroponics Homemade For BeginnersHydroponics Growing System HomemadeSimple Hydroponics System II Hydroponics Gardening II hydroponics growing system II homemadeCheap Ebb abd Flow homemade hydroponics systemDiy Cheap Indoor Hydroponics Growing System Homemade

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  • Thaddäus Bongtakel 1 year ago

    sub-harmonic waves?

  • ChienPing Yu 1 year ago

    DWC is not space efficient to me. personally. I prefer NFT or Aeroponics better.

  • Reclused5 1 year ago

    Cool Show.

  • TheJmz1983 1 year ago

    o3 not co2

  • MrCroky123 1 year ago

    Great show ! And I love the dubyou dubyou dubyou

  • Michele Goodsell 1 year ago

    what happened you were on season one and got all the way to episode six and then bang your done?????????????????????????? why are you not doing a second season?????????????????????

  • Ben Chaney 1 year ago

    Brilliant series thanks guys. Learnt a lot from watching these! Maybe food tech education in schools should tech about aero phonics too

  • shy singh 1 year ago

    .love it

  • hydroshowtv 1 year ago