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Homestead Brooklyn’s Plant One On Me is an informal question-and-answer series on all your green home and gardening tips. Feel free to write in your questions below the videos, on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn, or Facebook @summerrayneoakes and @homesteadbrooklyn. In this episode, we return to the green wall that was built over 4 years ago in my home and the new and improved features that we’ve done over the last number of weeks. To my knowledge, this was the first sub-irrigated wall of its kinds that was installed in a residential unit, and in this video, I’ll break down how it’s constructed, how the sub-irrigation system works, and the best plants for the green wall. Some of the new features that have been added is a new sub-irrigation and overflow system, homemade water gauges, an LED grow light above, and also a trellis, so some of the plants can grow upwards. Don’t forget to “like” this channel—and if you’re interested in getting more good green and garden tips, follow along on and on my blog, Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEp 008: Plant One On Me: Can ivy thrive indoors and plants in a green wallMake a Living Plant Wall – Mom-Ed: Green Living – Episode 3Living Green Wall Systems for Easy Plant Care by BotanicusGreenDIY Plant Wall || UrbioAir Plant Wall ArtPlant On Walls | WALL GARDEN, FLOATING PLANT | INSANE PLANT | Episode 5 |

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  • The Manillegirl 5 months ago

    Summer, I love you and your ideas!! They are insanely practical!!!

  • Chad H 5 months ago

    Few things to consider.. 1. Using tap water is not ideal for plants. Use water cleaned by reverse osmosis. 2. How this is set up, it’s not recycling it’s own water, so it increases operational cost. 3. Plant nutrients are coming from the soil BC of point 2, you can’t use hydroponic nutrients. They would flush out. It creates room for bad microbes, mold, and fungus to grow. I like your wall, but am having a tough time understanding why this setup was chosen over a self contained hydroponic system.

  • Piotr Ribbony 5 months ago

    love your channel

  • Andrew Ash 5 months ago

    What is the dangling plant at 00:57 ? This is fantastic!

  • Harperman 976 5 months ago

    Hello, im in the mountains of NEPA and in the winter i would still like to grow veggies. Have you tried edibles on this wall, Letuce and cucmbers? Do you think aquaponics would work if veggies are involved or would running water cause a problem?
    Ive been itching to try a garden wall or a window hanging.

  • thebunnyfoofoo 5 months ago

    I want to have a 500sqft room covered wall to wall and ceiling with passion fruit vines. I don't need a wall, I don't think, just a large pot for each vine and trellises. Do you have any suggestions for lighting?

  • littlebrite 5 months ago

    How much does a set up like this cost?

  • Vinícius Haga 5 months ago

    Hi, I'm concerned about the breathing problems that indoor plants may cause. How do you avoid the plants from developing any kind of mold? Do the plants create any dust from soil on your apartment ground?

  • Raquel Dowling 5 months ago

    Hi , I have a question, I noticed small mushrooms growing in one of my indoor potted plants. This never happened before. Plant is doing fine but Should I be highly concerned about these mushrooms appearing in my pot? Help.

  • Melissa Speirs 5 months ago

    This is glorious oh my. If you could talk more about that LED grow light and whether you use any other supplemental lighting throughout your place (especially in the winter) I could use some top advice! Cheers from Montreal

  • Courtney T 5 months ago

    I love it!!! I do wonder though, when plants grow they obviously grow more roots and they'll eventually need more space than a 5 inch gutter could provide– at least that's my assumption. Do you just move them out of the wall when they need more space? Or have you found that they do fine in the wall?

  • TheTimeForChange44 5 months ago

    LOVE the wall, and appreciate learning the how-to of its construction! Good luck with it!

  • cassie offline 5 months ago

    This is a dumb question but I remember when I had a couple plants it brought in a lot of spiders into my room. Does that happen with you too?

  • from37on 5 months ago

    Ms. Rayne, do you have any experience using reflective light from mirrors to provide more light to plants in less than favorable light conditions? Also, thank you so much for your video.

  • Aidan Bell 5 months ago

    I saw that you have some airplants in the background, could you maybe do an overview of tillandsia/airplant care?? I recently picked up a tillandsia xerographica, one of the biggest airplants, and I am really struggling to find any solid information on it. I know the basics, such as giving it a bath weekly, and indirect bright light, but what type of water does it prefer? And how do I allow mine to unfurl more?

  • L Learn 5 months ago

    what do you think about the no-soil- farming?

  • Stew MSabourin 5 months ago

    As always awesome vid! Btw super jealous of your Green Wall haha

  • Michael VR 5 months ago

    almost 10k subs!

  • Sharon Marshall Swift 5 months ago

    Thank you for doing a close-up of your green wall! I have been so curious about how it all works. Felt = ingenious! It must be such a pleasure to wake up and see a wall of plants!