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Homestead Brooklyn’s Plant One On Me is an informal question-and-answer series on all your green home and gardening tips. Feel free to write in your questions below the videos, on Instagram @homesteadbrooklyn, or Facebook @summerrayneoakes. In this episode we discuss how you can allow ivy to grow well indoors and whether I ever switch out plants in my green wall. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEp 028: Plant One On Me: DIY Sub-irrigated Green WallHow to Grow Money plant | Clear Glass Wall Mounted Planter | Money plant Growing Ideas//GREEN PLANTSWall Hanging Planters nine Best Indoor Hanging Plants – Let’s Go GreenHanging Plants House Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor PlanHouse Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor Plants RomanceBamboo Wall Decor Idea | Diy Idea For Garden & Home // GREEN PLANTS

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  • OrganicBeauty 1 year ago

    Do you ever give your cuttings away to any of your subscribers? and do you give away cuttings often?

  • Gautam Iyer 1 year ago

    how tall are your ceilings and have you considered growing fruit trees

  • KenDoe Guriik 1 year ago

    I would love to make my room like you did your apartment. Just I have some fierce allergies.Do you video on the subject of allergies???

  • valeria ramirez 1 year ago

    Hi Summer, I am so happy that you have a youtube channel. I would like to say that your apartment is an inspiration for my own my place. I have a few problems with my peace lily, the leafs are falling off I do not know what to do :(. thanks for your help

  • Martijn Siebols 1 year ago

    What did you do to me, how could you(thank u 😛 ). On you can order 2 hydro spikes for 2 euro and pay with paypal. I dont know how good they are and mine are coming soon(look for your self if you like them and want them). On witch is a dutch site you can order some of there plants for really cheap, i orderd 6 for 25 euro, i think that that is about 29dollar or so. for some plants i have place, so …. oh boy.. Really gotta make some space here for those plants to come. Question: i have grown mangos witch died when winter came, 1was outside and 2 where inside… still they died. I have 5 and 2 of them have come out of there seeds. Do you know what i have to do to help them not going dead in the winter here?? Thank u and hope you check the spikes on

  • Anthony n 1 year ago

    How do you keep your marantas looking good. The colour of my leaves is more pale than they should be and they don't seem to be growing very passionately.