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I love to grow plants and flowers! If you do too, watch this lesson for some useful gardening vocabulary. You will discover new words such as “soil”, “trowel”, “seeds”, and you’ll also learn the difference between “annual” and “perennial” plants. Just as a garden needs to be watered, your English needs to be maintained if you want it to grow. Spring is finally here, so get ready for the growing season with this easy lesson! TRANSCRIPT Help! I’m dead, and Ronnie’s trying to kill me. Hi, guys. This is a… This was a plant. It’s definitely not my plant, because if I had a plant, it would be alive because I like gardening. Do you like gardening? Do you like growing plants? I do. I think this plant died because it didn’t have water, so there’s no hope for it now. I’m sorry, plant, you’re going to have to… Bye, Matilda. See you later. All right, back on it. Today I’m going to teach you about gardening. One of my hobbies. I like growing stuff. I like growing plants, and I like especially growing vegetables, and hot peppers so when I eat them, my mouth goes on fire. And I can eat hotter food than you can. I bet you. Habanero peppers, done, awesome, love them. What hot, spicy food can you eat? Do you want to eat hot, spicy food in Toronto with me? I’m going to give you some details about how you can do that, but let’s get on to the gardening lesson. I’ve broken down the lesson into tools, nouns, and verbs. Oh, what’s this crazy thing? This is a “watering can”. So, it has a big spout, this is called a spout here. Oh, yeah, you like that? Has a big spout so you […]

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  • Fernando Greve 1 year ago

    "chop your bush" If you actually stop the video at 4:27 you could see her laughing eyes… jejeje
    Can't stop watching your videos. Ronnie, you are the best english teacher!

  • ramon caceres florez 1 year ago

    hello Ronnie, I want you to come to Colombia, please, excelent teacher, congratulesion

  • Manuchehr's Tajik classes 1 year ago

    English is crazy. Plant a plant.

  • Leila Rosaria 1 year ago

    Very interesting this video, Ronnie … I love plants too
    weed weeds rssss

  • Gonzalo Tórtola 1 year ago

    1:41 Okeeey… Love this f**king crazy teacher… :D

  • MTOWERM 1 year ago

    Спасибо Ронни! Thanks from Russia! You are amazing teacher!))))

  • Alexander Becerra 1 year ago

    Lol. I loved it when she rubbed the top of the watering can and said: "Oh, yeah, you like that?"

  • Marcelo EUA 1 year ago

    Bye Bye Matilda!!!! LoL!!!! Ronnie you"re the BEST!!! Ever!!!

  • Eli Happiness 1 year ago

    I love ALL your posts. Thank you teacher. You really really are a lovely teacher. Wish you best!
    P.S. I'm really looking forward to see more advanced videos..

  • Gizzmo&Sammy 1 year ago

    Das ist der beste englisch unterrichtet :)

  • J Gray 1 year ago

    I love this woman i have saw some of her videos, amazing teacher!!

  • Maria Góes 1 year ago

    The best teacher!! Thank you so much!! Kisses from Brazil :*

  • Slayers Dragon 1 year ago

    Yeah, you help me so much! Thank you Ronnie!

  • Game Cyber 1 year ago

    Are you Rooney's sister?

  • MrJHEagle 1 year ago

    she knows the difference between a spade and shovel…i am impressed)))

  • Thiago Valentin 1 year ago

    Very nice video, Ronnie. Thank you so much! And tell us about the spicy food in Toronto ;)

  • Bangtan/MCR Trash 1 year ago

    1:41 omg Ronnie no

  • Erick J. 1 year ago

    Thank you Ronnie!=D

  • artemis12061966 1 year ago

    very cool!

  • UrbanHick 024 1 year ago

    Your eyes in this video lol…

  • corporatejungles 1 year ago

    dang, fat people can't fit in that area!  all your friends must be skinny.

  • cheryl leonhardt 1 year ago

    love your garden! lot's of peppers!!! enjoyed it john!! :)

  • s Buzz 1 year ago

    i thought you had people ?.( not that theres any thing  wrong with that)

  • Hans Lin 1 year ago

    your garden looks like a jungle,i love it..

  • Carlos Pereira 1 year ago

    John Is an amazing gardener Keep up the good work John.

  • Outsmart The AI 1 year ago

    Lol, "those kind of movies where they do POV stuff" XD

  • Sprintzish 1 year ago

    Definitely more of these videos

  • JEM Topaz 1 year ago

    Ha! your Garden talks to you!!! LOL!
    Real talk.

  • JEM Topaz 1 year ago

    But really amazing organic garden.

  • JEM Topaz 1 year ago

    Yeah, clean it up quick, because you sound disappointed in the way you keep it. But the upside is…. when you clean it,

  • Hawaiian Authority Held Accountable (HAHA) 1 year ago

    "POV style… that stands for point of view for those of you who dont watch those kinds of movies…"  made me laugh out loud forever dude.  and that other video i just watched where you were mixing your own soil ingredients, and youre like, "i like whacks off a lot more than wax on".  dude youre hilarious, and a garden wizard.  youre one of my fav people along with carl hart, rhonda patrick, neil degrasse tyson, andreas antonopoulos, elon musk, paul stamets, ron paul, bill burr, etc etc…  im buying oceansolutions cuz of you  🙂  mahalo from big island, hawaii

  • Roble Tonewoods 1 year ago

    John love your videos and I like to see that we both like to garden with the same vibe in the morning. Your my inspiration to getting my patio garden going down here in Baja California, Mexico. Shauuuu!!!!

  • bswitza 1 year ago

    Duuude John buddy! It appears that you need to cut back on the cannabis videos lol

  • nekowashu 1 year ago

    I liked this a lot. I enjoy seeing you in your own garden as much as I enjoy your travels. The POV take is nice. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gian Romani 1 year ago

    I get lost in my garden after a few bowls too john. Nothing better

  • dogfight156 1 year ago

    0:48 dude that was hilarious! you are the man!

  • Gardening Tips With Phil 1 year ago

    Great tour of your garden John and some great tips on spotting pest problems and keeping the garden looking nice.