The furnishing accessories represent everything that completes the appearance of a garden, in the particular case of the English garden, where artificial elements blend with natural elements, the accessories take on particular importance. Within a nature that apparently seems to be so wild, there are architectural elements such as the pagoda that offers the visitor the opportunity to sit and eat but also to admire the surrounding nature. The choice of the right piece of furniture must always be made following the style of the garden and above all in reference to the size of the garden itself. If we have created an English garden in a small space because we were fascinated by what was the wild aspect of this type of garden, then we should limit ourselves in the purchase of furnishing accessories otherwise the space would become too cluttered and this would not allow to admire the beauty of the garden. Pagodas are usually made of wood because it is a natural material that finds perfect balance within the garden. The size depends a lot on the space available but there are different types and different models on the market. The wood is treated in such a way that it can be quite resistant to atmospheric agents, the pagoda must be firmly fixed to the ground because it will also have to withstand strong gusts of wind as it is not an element of the garden that usually disassembles to be stored in the inside the house during the winter. Inside the pagoda we can find benches to be able to sit, in addition there is also a small table to be used as a dining area. It is generally raised above the ground, and therefore is accessed by means of some steps. In a rather large garden, the pagoda does not immediately catch the eye, while it becomes a more intimate place in a rather small garden. Water is a fundamental element in a garden that must appear as natural as possible, it can be introduced by means of waterfalls or large fountains. The waterfall reproduces a pleasant natural sound of water flowing over the stones which is also very relaxing. These elements can be made with natural stones but also in plastic, it depends a lot on the budget that the customer has established. It is quite easy to place a small waterfall or a small pond in a garden. In the case of the pond it can be purchased or it can be made personally. Those who want to try their hand at the realization must first of all know all the various phases that lead to the final result because it is essential to have the necessary knowledge to waterproof the bottom and make sure that our pond can have a rather pleasant appearance. In reality, there is no established scheme for inserting furnishing accessories within the English garden but the accessories must be chosen in reference to the customer’s taste and the space available. Many prefer to have a garden without the presence of architectural elements in order to feel completely immersed in a natural space.

English garden accessories

English garden accessoriesThe shops that deal with the sale of items for gardening and outdoor furniture always have furnishing accessories for the English garden available. To understand in the vast offer on the market what are the suitable complements to furnish the English garden, it will be necessary to know a priori the history of the garden itself and therefore orientate only on those characterizing elements. The cost of the elements depends very much on the type of element on which you are oriented and the material with which it is made. However, since they are furnishing accessories and not essential elements for the primary realization of the garden, they can also be purchased at a later stage than the construction of the garden itself. This allows you to have more time to check on the market if there is something that can correspond to your needs. Alternatively, the internet always offers interesting solutions, because it is a large market, where there are often also shops specialized in the exclusive sale of certain items.

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