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Hydroponics is an interesting way to add greenery in your room. It is also an eye-catching, interesting way to create your own little green haven, within the confines of your room. Catch the entire episode right here! Watch more funny & informative content for kids! Bandbudh Aur Budbak – Full Episodes: Pyaar Mohabbat Happy Luck – Full Episodes: Chimpoo Simpoo – Full Episodes: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSoil vs Hydro vs Coco Blend for Indoor Gardening and HydroponicsHydroponics at Home – Growing without soilIndoor Gardening TipsCan plants grow without soil? What is Hydroponics? ExplainedHydroponics Technology, Growing plants without Soil, low investment and high productionGrowing Plants Without Soil: Hydroponic Gardening

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