Finding common ground in the search for energy efficiency measures for indoor agriculture

Dr. Nadia Sabeh, Dr. Greenhouse

Dr. Sabeh is a leader in the field of energy efficiency in greenhouse and indoor design and operation. She summarizes her deep expertise in identifying energy-saving measures in cultivation environments to provide top recommendations for optimizing grow facilities in any location and climate.

Dr. Sabeh reviews energy-restricting actions taken by various local jurisdictions. She points out where these actions are in conflict with crop productivity and quality, and offers additional new energy efficiency measures to help find common ground.

This conversation was filmed at the Resource Innovation Institute (RII) Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions conference, which brought state regulators together with light, plant, HVAC, green house, water, vertical farming experts and cannabis cultivators to talk energy and cultivation best practices. The hope is that when regulators get to learn from experts and the farmers they regulate, they will create sensible agriculture regulatory policy. Farmers (indoor, greenhouse and outdoor), on their part, will hopefully move towards ever increasing energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprints.

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Energy Efficiency Measures for Indoor Agriculture

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