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Finally Green Roofs and Solar Panels can share the same roof! Project design build, engineering and assembled in the USA! The Sun-Root™ module is engineered to secure photo-voltaic panels at different angles, variable angles, or as a sun tracking system. The Solar Garden Roof modules are held in place by a super-imposed load (i.e. the overlying green roof components) and do not penetrate any layers below (e.g. waterproof membrane). All modules are made from deep-drawn 75% recycled HDPE for increased tensile strength and stiffness. The base plates are engineered to promote evapo-transpiration through an enhanced water storage function and non-linear drainage channel system. The most effective fully combined and integrated system solutions on the North American market and unbeatable in costs. Modern Green Roof Te Related PostsGreen roof technologyGreen Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology – Company of the WeekYour roof and the environment — why green is the new black: Hunter Legerton at TEDxCharlestonGreen Roof – Technology – Wiki Videos by KinedioChris Roddick of Bauder talks about green roof and solar energy efficiencyLiving Green – Roof Solar Shingles | Environmentally Friendly

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