End of June Vegetable Garden Tour | Permaculture & No Dig Raised Beds

This video is an end of summer tour of the vegetable garden to show you how things are looking and to use as a comparison when I make the full summer tour of the garden later in July or August depending on how this weird season goes! I really hope you find it interesting seeing how the raised beds are developing. This kitchen garden has always been 100% organic with no use of any chemicals ever and is around 19 year old.

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It’s easy to become complacent when your vegetable garden first starts producing in early summer. But to get the most out of your vegetable garden, plan on harvesting into the fall or even the winter, where weather permits

Here are some simple, but key factors for a long producing vegetable garden and maybe even a whole new fall vegetable garden.

End of June Vegetable Garden Tour | Permaculture & No Dig Raised Beds

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  • MiChelle Jaggard

    My yard and garden is over run with Bine Weed (I live in the USA) I pull it but it grows under ground and as you pull it, the under ground roots run every where. It grows like Morning Glories but small leaves and flowers and climbs the plants and fencing. Any ideas what I can do?

  • Llee Stimer

    especially enjoyed this video, if I were a slug…" and "the blackbirds are not getting my precious strawberries" bwahahahaaaaa!!!! very informative and entertaining. thank you.

  • Hilda Ksn

    Awesome garden! I wish to have something like that in the future too. Now I'm participating in community gardening, but I'm actually not a very good at gardening yet.

  • غصن أخضر

    I have benefited a lot from you. Thank you. I have a question about the way to use wood to cover the seeds. Do you use it with all the seeds and what is the benefit of it?

  • บ้านไร่โฮมฮัก เกษตรสุขบ้านนา

    Garden is looking great. I love your ideia.

  • Bethany Rosier

    Where abouts in Wales are you? I’ve spent 4 years in Gwynedd and I felt that I could never have an outdoor garden because it was so windy and rainy all the time. Whereas you seem to be getting pretty nice sunshine and dry spells!

  • Quantum Mechanic

    Pile composted leaves , straw and other materials over potatoes , carrots , turnips etc. and cover with heavy sheet plastic in the fall . Be amazed when you shovel away snow and find vegetables in perfect condition and still growing . Properly composted materials insulate and create heat while composting .
    All the best .

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