Here are some ideas about how to encourage your children to get interested in gardening, and some strong reasons why it is a very good idea!

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Encouraging Your Kids’ Interest In Gardening

| Gardening Education | 3 Comments
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  • Steph Krunic

    The kids' squeals of delight when our first tomato seeds GERMINATED this year was a priceless joy. Then they spotted the flowers. Now as the heat comes on, we count the fruit (haha one of them checks all plants daily and reports all new fruit!). It won't be long until the first tomato starts to blush.
    We were without much of a garden for 2 years and it's been such a joy for all of us to see our little patch go from building site to a yard, to a garden and now to our plates.
    The kids SEE ecosystem functions in action. When it comes to class time, they don't need to "learn" it. They have lived experiences of weather patterns, the water cycle, entomology, microbiology, chemistry, genetics and botany. All from our little garden outside the kitchen door. Damn I spent a decade at university studying and researching these things and the boys have it all out the back door! We LOVE it.
    Thanks Avis's for sharing your garden with us.

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