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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Badajoz, the capital of the Province of Badajoz, Spain, is situated close to the Portuguese border on the left bank of the river Guadiana. Sited next to the Puente Real Bridge, the new 35 million euro headquarters of the local savings bank Caja Badajoz was designed by Estudio Lamela Architects to create a dialogue with the bridge’s prominent vertical structure and the great width of the river. A representative Dehesa, or montado, landscape characterized by oaks and the extremely dry and hot climate was desired to reflect the local countryside for both private and public spaces. Designed by Cristina Jorge Camacho of Cjcpaisaje using systems from ZinCo, the Caja Badajoz Headquarters Dehesa Landscape: Greenroof Cover and Gardens & Park encompasses an extensive greenroof over a massive plinth, intensive greenroofs over structure, and an at-grade rural park. The landscape project deals with its analysis, design and management through archipelago design; research focuses on analyzing the: normal scale (humans, animals, plants, machines), micro scale (unicellular beings) and macro scale (thermodynamic parameters). Utilizing humus earth and a limestone layer, green areas concentrated into islands of different sizes and scattered all over the roof. The open space design in the rural park and in the urban car park is connected with the riverbank; the garden design in the semi-public cultural building base extends across five courtyard patios of different uses including as a cultural center, kindergarten, gymnasium, housing, and garage, and the extensive greenroof design is related to private open space for the 83 m high, 16-floor office tower. Geometric forms include circles, ovoids, and straight lines such as nodes where lines of infrastructure converge and where activities concentrate. Islands are cool spots inside the hot areas and are spread out. […]


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