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Elmich Green Wall Elmich Green Walls incorporate robust modules assembled using high strength recycled plastic panels and a geotextile liner filled with lightweight growth media. The modules for the green wall are pre-planted in a nursery to allow plant establishment and then installed onto free standing or wall mounted and anchored racking systems. Elmich green walls are easy to assemble and install. Elmich green walls facilitate active plant growth enhance site and building value, improve heat and sound insulation and air quality Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsElmich Green Roof SystemEcologically Friendly Green Roof Systems and Green Walls by Elmich AustraliaIntermountain Vertical Gardens – Skale Greenwall wall gardenNatural Multicolor Greenwall by Green Wall Nursery, NashikNatural Greenwall by Green Wall Nursery, NashikHow to Set Up a Holman GreenWall Vertical Planting Kit

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    An irrigation line is inserted between the modules horizontally so each module receives an efficient amount of water, as for the rotting on the wall, the modules are not sitting directly on the wall, it has a proprietory racking system that enables the modules to be off the wall and not allow any rotting to occur.

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    fantastic images!