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In this Episode, the SDF Diaries team continue with their interaction with Grantees, and highlight the impact on the work and operations of Ejisu Juabeng & Afigya Kwabre Pig Farmers Associations. Video Rating: / 5 A short video on the initiatives that we are involved in. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGuatemala: Farmers’ Association Leader Confirms Need To Empower Rural WomenMr. Alhagie Basse Mbodge National President Gambia Farmers AssociationNavuso Agriculture Grooming Fiji’s Future FarmersOrganic Consumers AssociationTips for raising hydroponic fodder grass & vissaka farmers experienceWaimea Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Association & First Nations Development Institute

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  • Pius Affipunguh 1 year ago

    Who said so, I m inspired to go into it

  • Qqq coconuts 1 year ago

    pig is forbidden in bible and coran quick stop that filthy busnises or burn in hell for not obeying divine laws !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!