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  • Dimitris Karampelas 6 months ago

    oh my God… i'm in love

  • VeganAthlete 6 months ago

    1. New Online Gardening Course

    2. My New Website

  • Sean McKenzie 6 months ago

    Tucson here. Learning and appreciating your vids. All the best!

  • jim doe 6 months ago

    Sleep in a truck stop area youll get less troubles there

  • estontin123 6 months ago

    The earth is heating naturally. Look up Milankovitch cycles. They have found tropical tree fossils in Europe and hippo bones in Scotland. The earth was much greener when it was warmer and it gets warmer periodically according to these cycles.

  • Gleba B 6 months ago

    watching u from philippines!!!

  • biospheres 6 months ago

    I was guest there of a British group the lunch at the Grand (ripoff) Canyon was almost $500. with 2 vegans out of 4 and absolutely crap meal.

  • Angie Krajewski 6 months ago

    I understand and agree…with what you say….money and people who worships those piece of papers… is awful…those papers are made to be exchange but not to be worshipped!!!

  • Travis O'Hara 6 months ago

    I live in Mesa and grow majority of pepper plants along with tons of basil. Mainly because they do well out here in the heat. I haven’t fully committed to growing ALL my fruit and veg at home yet. I also own dogs.. small yard, you can see where I’m going with this. I’ve recently gained the idea of using my local community garden and/or paying for a local garden plot.. just not sure how great that works out. Suppose I will try it out

  • Travis O'Hara 6 months ago

    Vegan food is saving water.. except almonds. Not sure if that’s vegan food though. I suppose it could be.

  • Duro boyss 6 months ago

    SO TRUE! THE American government almost destroy the LEGALS (my people). HYPOCRITES! Now you are making war to illegal people that is working in jobs you don't want?!!!

  • Terry Trantham 6 months ago

    Please don't drive and film. It's not safe for you and it's not safe for others on the road. It's also a distraction from your message. Pull over and park for the 8 minutes of the film. You can't be in that much of a hurry to get where ever you are going.

  • river ed 6 months ago

    Wake up Jake. Its called the Grand Solar Minimum. See Oppenheimer Ranch Project on You tube.
    Governments are lying about Global Warming. Yes we all need to learn to Garden. But The Governments are Lying.

  • Rick Crippen 6 months ago

    There is no such thing as federal land. Read your Constitution Article 1.8.17. They are just pretending so long as there are millions of suckers still believing it. The Constitution would have to be amended to change that fact. It hasn’t been.

  • Pro3music 6 months ago

    Freedom is no longer allowed in the US.

  • Tammy T 6 months ago

    Hello from San Jose

  • Jennifer Gildred 6 months ago

    You guys are on an adventure! When you are done having a blast WWOOFing, you may want to seriously consider moving to the Sonoma County, San Francisco's North Bay, planting Zone 9b. It would be awesome to have you in our garden hood!! Be well and have fun.

  • Tony Altobello 6 months ago

    Los lunas NM and im makeing my own backyard garden with a pond all by myself. What i have found is that it is VERY expensive for the right supplies so i just make my own evrything. I am watering from the local ditch and the ground is very clay rich so the ground is hard to dig beyond 2 or 3 inches. You are very insparational to me. My parents and siblings dont beleive that i can do it but you keep me going strong. Thank you and keep makeing videos please!

  • Forage Forage 6 months ago

    There's no money to be made if you dont let others blame you "human" for "climate change".. so where's the fun in that..right?