Added by on 2016-01-23 Organic Gardening teacher Nicola Chatham interviews Leonie Shanahan about her new Edible School Gardens DVD. Huertos Escolares Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBuilding an edible school gardenEdible School Yard Garden Teaches 1,000 Students a Year about FoodEdible Landscaping in Youth Gardens SMALL FRUITS FINAL mp4School gardens grow health in Austin, TexasEdible Indoor Gardening – DIY Apartment Gardens YOU CAN Harvest and EatThe English Gardening School

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  • Green Taiwan 1 year ago

    Great stuff Leonie ! I hope it becomes part of the Australian school curriculum !

  • smkonwater23 1 year ago

    Thank U for the information, Kritzia. Will contact U when the time is right.

  • Kitzia Kokopelmana 1 year ago

    The amount of people working on a land depends on the complexity of the project and the natural conditions of the land. Usually about at least a worker per acre if hand labor bio-intensive gardening. I do rotate crops and supply my market, so it is possible, but this also depends on your weather, altitude, etc. For more specific information contact me when you are ready and I can do an specific consultation.

  • Dale Van Den Heuvel 1 year ago

    Very nice, we will be down there this Dec for Christmas till Jan 6th, Caint Wait! 🙂