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“The whole nature conspires for a Permaculturist” So this is the video that I was planning to make for quite sometime, but just did not have enough time! Thankfully Sai Kalyan came along to help me shoot the video! In this video I have tried to document my garden in quite a bit of detail. Ofcourse there will be a few things missing (the video was already 40 minutes long!) In case of any specific doubts, do let me know, I’ll answer them! This rooftop garden was started in late July and within a very short time has taken a pretty nice shape. Based on Permaculture principles and techniques, the garden maintains itself well without any active pest management from my side and a general sense of neglect regarding watering! Video Rating: / 5 Join Jonathan Irwin and Husqvarna Automower Related PostsOrganic Edible ‘Beautiful’ Rooftop Garden – Hyderabad, IndiaOrganic Edible Rooftop Gardening – Long Tour (2016)Rooftop Garden waterproofing Testing Hyderabad A.P IndiaOrganic Rooftop Garden (Hyderabad) – 1 (2017)RoofTop Garden, Hyd, India, Sept 24 2013Yoga’s organic roof top garden, Nagole, Hyderabad

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  • Avineet Prakash 1 year ago

    Hello, Can you please let me know the area of your rooftop in sq ft??

  • frederico George 1 year ago

    We are all vegan here in our family.

  • Srinivas Y 1 year ago

    Sai prasanna kumar your video was really amazing, ???? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ??????. ????????? ?????????? ?????? ?????????. ?? ????? ?????? 8008801270?

  • ravinder reddy 1 year ago

    Good work?

  • steven holmes 1 year ago

    Good work but stop saying too much of aaahh aaahh aaahh & aaahh ?

  • GAURAV JAIN 1 year ago

    very nice video. I have started my terrace garden but only crop i get was spinach and egg plant. I have very nice flowering in gourd but no fruiting. Temp in delhi is really on higher side. I cant figure out what is going wrong. I have also planted pumpkins whose vines have achieved healthy growth I am expecting flowering within a week pls guide me what should I do for good fruit.?

  • sittul monna 1 year ago

    lovely video?

  • mahaboob shareef 1 year ago

    pls malabar neem plantation

  • Reddylion 1 year ago


  • Solomon Raj 1 year ago

    Hai, thanks for your experience.
    i am too interested and i have started as well.
    i have some issues. would you be kind to share your expertise in building my roof garden.

    we are at uppal – Hyderabad, my name is Solomon Raj and my number is 9848782820


  • Gopu Inna 1 year ago

    Can you please let me know,
    If you have posted any videos in telugu regarding gardening. Thank you!?

  • Pathy K 1 year ago

    Awesome, love roof your garden. Many thanks for sharing.?

  • Ankur Maheshwari 1 year ago

    can you please mention what kind of soil,, fertilizer are you using

  • Ankur Maheshwari 1 year ago

    great work?

  • prabhakar battula 1 year ago

    Hi! Sai!

  • Yusuf Germino 1 year ago


  • Rohinton Irani 1 year ago

    You do not tell us the reason of not putting compost tea on green leafy vegetable. lovely garden.?

  • venu Malyala 1 year ago

    Just loved your video. Will practise some of the things you suggested. very informative. I used to have a hydroponic garden on my rooftop in bangalore, although had a very good produce, it was not being economical, although I did not have the setup as much to cut down the waste. But permaculture is a really good one. Wonder what you thoughts are on hydroponics ??

  • G V Rao 1 year ago

    A real experience –
    well shared.

  • aadrianlee 1 year ago

    I will never live in a town or city because the country side is just so beautiful?

  • blockthisuser 1 year ago

    its funny when you look at people its still the same specie that took over the caves thousand years ago
    and now they recreate the caves as modern houses
    and ofc every cave has trees griowing on it?

  • James Nardone 1 year ago

    Annnnnnnd, why the fuck do you need a grass lawn in Sweden?

  • Felicis Kovacevic 1 year ago

    does anybody know the songs at 0:10 and 6:42????

  • Lol?

  • Cinestudio 1 year ago

    so I have to spend 4 minutes of my life to find out I was watching a fkin comercial